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help i just cant do it!

i did 5 weeks ss no problems then started to feel comfortable in my own skin and now havent been able to manage more than 5 days without munching and sabotaging myself, and then feeling utter c**p i am seriously considering ss+ or 810, do any of you have any advice do you think if i move up the plans i will not want to eat so much because i will be having a small meal to look forward to, i really want to get the rest of this weight off xx
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Aw honey- go onto 3 shakes and a 200cal meal. You will have something to look forward to and you can munch on your allowed veg.
Don't give in!!! You are doing so well!!

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Hiya, i see you posted this a while ago. How are you getting on and what did you decide to do. I do 810 and think its fantastic. SS (which I did briefly last year) wasn't for me. My life is too hectic for such low calorie intake. I'd love to know what you decided to do. Go up to ss+, 810 etc.

Hope you are doing well anyway xxx good luck
thankyou. well i finally sorted myself out and restarted yesterday, im going to have 4 shakes a day and maybe split them up. did well yesterday and so far so good today x
Hi there I have the same problem, have been doing ss for almost 3 weeks, week 1 & 2 were ok, last week was a nightmare. Good idea about splitting the shakes, I am allowed 4 because of my height. Will get back on it tomorrow and make a goal for this week to stick to it 100%.
Good luck with yours
i have got through day 1 and nearly day 2 of restart, splitting the shakes has really worked for me you should try it, im going to do well again i can feel it xxx
Well done, for completing your first (& almost second day), these were the hardest for me. You're doing great!


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Good luck - day one today (again!) for me today... I know your pain! I am so determined to stick with it too!
how have you done guys????
Slimmeplease and QueenJ - WELL DONE! I am so terrible at this CD thing that I have a TetraBrik for breakfast (love them!!) but by 11am, I am starving!! So you are doing a lot better than me!
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im still splitting my shakes. have just given up smoking. its been 14 days now, been munching though. think my motto is if at 1st you dont succeed try try try try try try again!!!!!! forever xx

Congrats on giving up the smokes, wish I could... will be attempting soon though although from past experience I need to get strong on this diet first so I am thinking of planning to give them up at the end of August... less pressure as CD should be second nature by then!

Good Lunch and stop Munching.... You'll feel better in the long term... what are you munching? Are you munching from the ss+ and ditching the 4th shake? If not perhaps this is an option???

Good luck

no just eating anything i can get my hands on, feel hopeless! been good today though nearly 100% with the exception of a little drop of skimmed milk in my coffee xx
keep it up!


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Going well Slimmeplease!

So 4 packs, some split and a little milk in the coffee? If you must much chop up some celery and have that. It's allowed on SS+ and 810 with the veg allowance and calorie wise wont do any damage. How about chewing gum?? Not sure if it's allowed but I have about 2 day and also the Bullion drink (my saviour i tell you), since this i dont nibble!

think i will try celery thankyou, i love the bouillion drink too xxx


is going to loose!
Well I dont nibble much!

I find the trick with diets is to just try and forget you are doing it..... easier said than done I know...... but the more pressure we put on ourselves we tend to deviated and succumb to something and then punish ourselves with guilt.

You have recognized a need/ area of weakness and are trying to find a sensible solution. All in all a good strategy for now and when your weight loss journey ends and life begins .... again.

Take care and well done on your 23lb loss already hun!

i'm on kind of 810 with quorn curry most nights and it really makes a difference to my dieting, its sooooo much easier! splitting packs is a good way to go too...

(ps - i'm excited as finally got myself a website!!! needs more work, but..... www.ceridrial.co.uk! woopwoopwoop)
Just had to reply! I have just started back on cd after a couple of months and im finding it soooooooooooo hard! First time round it was simple! I keep picking at things! Im not hungry just love to eat! i have cut down the amount and im hoping for my first full day tomorrow!

i have put on 5 pounds this week, its the kick up the bum i needed and have been 100% for 2 days now, never ever cheat its been downhill for me x

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