Help, I just cant get motivated


Hi girls

I really need some help to get motivated. I have vowed that i will join WW next week, but in the meantime as each day goes by I wake up thinking right today i'm going to be sensible, but then as soon as I get to work I pick all day, then end up going home feeling fat, miserable and like i've failed again.

I know it probably sounds silly but I have my partner staying with me for 2 weeks (hence why i'm not joining WW until next week), but he is very fit, has an extremely toned body, is quite health conscious and I cant help but feel he must look at me sometimes and think 'what a frump'. I hate feeling like this and my clothes are starting to pinch, but I just cant seem to break the 'nibbling' cycle.

How do you all cope when you get these type of days/weeks?

Lots of love xxx:break_diet:
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Hi Hattie

I know exactly how you feel, I can't get my head in the right place since my birthday last week. My partner is a gym instructor, very fit and toned and also 12 years younger than me!! I often feel that he is looking critically at me, but he assures me that he isn't and I have to believe him as I know it is me putting pressure on myself.

I have eased myself into it by saying "i'll be good at breakfast and then have whatever for the rest of the day", and then when lunch comes saying "i'll be good for lunch and then have whatever for the rest of the day" and so on etc etc.

I have found that this is the only way I can get myself back in gear! I'm sure other people have excellent coping strategies as well.

Good luck anyway.

Theresa x


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Hi Hattie,

Sorry to hear you are struggling, i know how difficult it is once you have lost your motivation but once your back on the wagon and get the first few days over with im sure you will feel alot better.... its just getting that start.

Im sure your partner does not think that, i bet he looks at you and thinks your gorgeous!

Keep your chin up hun we are all here for you , this is something you have to do when you are in the right frame of mind to start ... we know you can do it!!!:hug99:



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hello hattie, i think maybe your finding it hard this week because you know next week you'll be starting WW and will be being good then.

this is exactly what i do you see - think il start being good on say monday and then thats like a free licence for me to gorge whatever i want!

try not to be too hard on your self - like you said next week your going to ww and that will be a change in the right direction for you and will help give you the mental strength and detemination!

keep your chin up hun - by this time next week when you've been on ww a few days you'll be feeling more positive!

suz x


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For me I tend to have a binge and get it out of my system, then start the diet completely afresh and motivated. I'm sure it's wrong for lots of people, but it works for me!

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Its like everyone else says - probably that you are giving yourself all the treats and sweets that you know you wont have from next week when your head is in the right place.

How much are you planning to lose? No ticker yet....

LRO xx


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Don't ever feel like you have failed, decided to do something like join WW is the first step in the right direction eh!

Maybe it's a sub-concious thing that because your not actually on WW yet and you're saying to yourself in the mornings that you are going to be good so aren't putting pressure on your-self if you get me? Think that came out totally wrong lol Sorry!:cool:

Aah hun *hugs*, keep your chin up! xx


Thanks everyone for being so supportive, I can tell that being on this forum will really help me.

I guess perhaps you're all right, it is just a mental thing that I know i will have to be good from next week so i'm cramming in all I can now! We'll see what tomorrow brings :).

i'm hoping to loose about 14lbs - 21lbs. I am pear shaped unfortunately so am tiny on top but huge on the bottom which makes me look so out of proportion. I will get around to making a ticker etc, but I have my Accounting Technician exams in 3 weeks so am panicing with revision and just dont get chance to get my laptop out at night (i use the forum during work which i know is naughty but if it helps ...............................). In fact I have PCOS and went through a cycle of IVF a while ago, i know its a different situation but I was a member on the forum there and I know that that helped me sooooooooo much (the IVF was unsuccesful unfortunately so I dont have children).

Anyway, sorry - i tend to waffle, i'm good at it.

Thank you again, I just hope that I can lift myself out of this rut

lots of love xxxx:sigh:



Girls i've done it again and feel terrible. I started the day off with porridge and skimmed milk, then went to the pub for lunch and chose a baked potato with beans then .............................. came back to the office and a colleague had bought us all a chocolate bar so I have just scoffed that, and feel so guilty and fat!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i'm so frustrated with myself I just cant seem to stick at being good. Am worried now that when I join WW next week i'm going to be equally as bad and not loose anything!!!!!!

Sorry to be so miserable but you all know what its like i'm sure!!

Lots of love xxxx:cry:


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Hi Hun,
dont worry hun i wa slike you i have done ww so many times i was good all day but when i used to get home i used to rade the cupboards,dont worry you will be fine once you have been to wi :)