Help! I need some advice....


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I'm just coming into week 8 on CD & up until now I have been relatively well behaved.
BUT, this week has been nothing short of a nightmare! I've eaten, quite a lot & the arguments I'm having in my own head are so bad. I let the dark side win, then I eat & feel ten times worse!
I've really been in the zone, but I just can't seem to get back into it & it's really doing my head in.

Is this something that happens to some people along the way & do you manage to get back into it? I'm so worried that I'm not going to get back on it & I'm going to pile weight on, or not have the will power... I've tried visualising my goal, pics on the fridge, everything to help me stay focused, but nothing seems to be helping at the minute.
Any tips or advice is very greatly welcomed.....

I feel so down about it all..... :(

BTW I've lost 1/4 lb this week & although I know I'm lucky that I've lost at all. I'm peed off that it could have been more.
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Oh I get that a LOT sometimes. I call it 'the b**ch' and 'the angel.' Once in the zone - I feel brilliant and cant understand how I could EVER feel theres a prob. Then every negative bit of reasoning starts to make better sense than the positive stuff about losing weight and feeling great. I slip and slide, however I always try to think 'look, you are on this because the way you were leading your life was making you unhappy.'

I guess you are out of ketosis and maybe you have gone back a few stages. Dont worry - if you go back to shakes/soups/bars it should all start evening out again. I would get some ketostix from the chemist to check if you are in ketosis or not.

I try to distract myself somehow and maybe have another shake rather than buckle and eat goodies.

I was freaked last weekend as I had lost quite a bit quite quick and I think my body wasnt used to its own new weight 'setpoint.' I felt naked without my fat. I bulked out in bigger clothes to feel secure and hey presto - I went back to feeling normal again.

Dont be disheartened. We are ALL capable of falling off the horse. Yet we are all capable of climbing back on and saying 'dammit I am not staying off!!!!' Stay with it - it will all be worth it :)


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Thanks for that Snowbaby. It's nice to know I'm not on my own.

I'm restarting tomorrow & have bought my ketostix ready! I think seeing it say I'm there will help. I ran out a few weeks back & haven't replaced them.

I just hate the mind games, they're awful! This week I've just wanted to switch my brain off!

I've written down my goals for this week & stuck them on my notice board in my kitchen. So hopefully that will help.
I need to make it my mission to get back on this. I'll do it if it bloody kills me. lol x


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i cant take credit for this, as someone has suggested it before on the forum.. but its a top idea.

take a bag and load it with cans and step on the scales....keep loading it until you are the weight you started at. feel how heavy that bag is.. you will be amazed honestly, at how much you have lost, and it may spur you to continue and stop listening to the 'negative' side


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you are not alone. i sts yesterday and ended up thinking 'sod it' and had pizza for tea. i am ok whilst losing but when i stop losing i lose complete faith in myself. its only human and you are not alone.


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I fell off the wagon this weekend so you are defo not alone. Luckily I haven't binged like I normally would but the guilt is incredible. I have eaten very low carb food in the evening but I have to say the desires and the battles in my head are a nightmare. I guess we should try not to beat ourselves up about it and remember it is in the past...we can't change it.