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Help - I need to set a target

Hi Everyone

Well I'm going to start class on Tuesday but I'm not sure what to set a target as. Usually I'm very rebellious and find target setting doesnt quite work for me. I pile up the pressure and almost get nervous of succeeding (I know it sounds daft). But also, it seems that not setting targets also doesnt work for me (I tried this all of last year, albeit I wasnt at a class!!!). I think not setting any targets worked against me, as I'd lose say 5lb, feel loads better and then before long I'd have put it back on.

So I think I do want to set a target but not at all sure of what to set it as, what is achievable and what is maintainable. I'm 5 foot 6 and medium/large boned.

Any advice about this would be much appreciated - thank you all lovely minimins :)
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Why not set mini targets if you are not sure what you want your final target to be?
Thats the beauty of sw, you are not forced into choosing a target you decide for yourself what you want to be. Whether it be a certain weight or just a smaller dress size. xxx
You don't have to decide when you join what you want your target to be. You can decide at any point what you want your target weight to be. As far as I understand you can get on the scales one week and say 'that's it, i'm happy, this is my target'.

Personally i'd like my end goal to be within the healthy BMI range, however if I reach a point before then where i'm happy, healthy and struggle to lose anymore, then I won't beat myself up about it.

I find pilling too much pressure on at the start for a final target can set you up for a a fall, and for me, I find setting smaller interim targets much more motivational.
Hi gobolino

Im sure your sw consultant will help you set a target if you are not sure. When i joined up to class last year I wasn't to sure what target weight I wanted to be so I just went for my 10% first as a mini target so I could then decide afterwards what I would like to aim for.

To work out your 10% (club 10) convert your weight into pounds and divide by 10.

Im also 5'6" and I think the healthy weight range is about 9 - 11 stone.... and my target is 10st 7lbs but im setting lots of mini targets to aim for first. First target for me is to get back into 12stone something :)

Hope this helps
H x
Welcome Gobolino,

I think setting urself mini targets i did it a stone at a time then broke it down into trying lose it over a few mths and joined the challenge mth groups on ere. It does give u that boost and it is not so bad as to thinking god i have lose like wateva it is u wanna lose!
I wanna lose 3 stone and im a stone down, i'd be well on the way if it was not for Christmas but hey ho thats life!

Good luck with it and get into the challenege, there are a few knocking around at the min and they are good fun to try hit ur target (thou i did not do very well last mth) haha x x


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Ive tried to set myself mini targets which are REALLY easily reached! (See sig) I need to loose 5 stone but doing it in mini steps will help.

First 1/2, then 1. Then club 10! Thats enough for me for now.
Alot of people use BMI as a guide for target. I'm 5'6" and like jellybabe said healthy BMI range goes up to 11 stone. I've set my target as 9stone 11lbs, because the Wii told be that was my healthiest weight (sad I know!!!). However that seems a really long way away at the min so my immediate target is just getting to be a healthy weight. My first target was also getting into overweight range as apposed to obese range.
Hi Everyone

Thanks for your replies. I think it's helped me to realise a few things about myself and targets, here they are:
* I need to make mini-targets that are very achievable
* I need to have a few of these mini-targets to keep looking forward
* The thing that puts me off with targets is the time-scale, so I'll not be saying xxx lbs in xxx weeks as a target, my targets are not going to have a big emphasis on the time factor

Here are my ideas for mini-targets:
* to go to class!
* to get under 12stone
* to lose 7lb
* to lose 14lb
* to get club 10.....

I think thats is for now and then I'll reassess when I have the club 10 :)

Thanks again

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