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Help, I start lipotrim 2moro but husband hates it


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Not a huge amount of support in this house either! But who cares?? So long as I lose the weight! Good luck and first few days are the worst. Roll on your first week done and results will be spurring you on.
good luck x


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Any support would be good as it is seriously lacking at home :( good luck all, chin up, smile wide
Same here chuck! My hubby brings in steak pies from the best pie shop in town, my downfall :rolleyes: but I've resisted :D (my blip over the weekend didn't consist of pies!!!) Once he sees how hppy you are loosing weight & getting healthier, I'm sure he'll change. Onwards and upwards!! :D
Jackie xx


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hi and wellcome . i get on here every morning to remind my self why im doing this. there is alway some one on here to inspire you so when your feeling down get on here to remind your self . good luck x


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me and oh are doing this together, but thats as far as our support goes...both our parents keep going mad saying that it isnt normal and it will never work. Just keep telling yourself that your hubby will be eating his words when you get to you target. good luck and there is plenty of support on here. xx
don't worry, you're not alone butterfly :) my boyfriend isn't great support either.. he doesn't seem to realise that i don't want to be told how amazing his dinner is and how hungry he is when he's been eating all day! rarr! bloody skinnys!
but just keep focused and you'll be fine. if you're feeling wobbly or whatever just come on here and someone will be round to pick you up and motivate you again :)
Hiya, keep coming on here, you'll get lots of support. x


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Yep, me too, I been told that this is the last time I can go on it so I better make it count. Got 3 weeks left then I'll have to find some other way of getting the fat off. Daren't tell my daughter at first til I'd done it a week lol. Nearly got shouted at, 'its not healthy, it always goes back on etc' Keep at it, everyone is brilliant on here when u want a lift : )

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Any support would be good as it is seriously lacking at home :( good luck all, chin up, smile wide
You'll get all the support you need on this forum, hun, that's for sure! A shame about the lack of support at home. It could be genuine concern for you though so don't expect too much. I'm very lucky cos I have great support cos I have to lose it for health reasons but a couple of friends worried about the safety of it. They just needed reassurance and seemed happy when I told them it all started in the doctor's surgeries.
As you say, chin up and smile wide! :D


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Those who's family and friends say Lipotrim is a bad tell them to go onto the Lipotrim website which is done by a British pharmaceutical company and they will find that Lipotrim was only available through GP or Hospitals up until 14/ 15 years ago.

That will make em shut up and eat their words

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Thank you all so much, after 2 days of arguing and being told that i am selfish for going on Lipotrim we have finally come to a truse. I am super obese and do need to lose the weight for health reasons. I believe my husband lost his arguement when I reminded him that I never question his smoking habit. Anyhow, my peppermint tea is currently cooling and the ice is in the blender awiating my first lipotrim, im happy- yep happy :) the possibilities are endless :) I will probably have to come on here and vent wehn I am struggling, as I will haveto constantly smile through my lipotrim days at home. Thank you all once again for your help, good luck and stay strong :)

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