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Help I'm BROKEN!!!!


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Hi everyone,

I am a serial dieter and being trying to do lipotrim. i lost 16lbs then decided to binge eat and put about 10lb back on. i'm so mad with myself, but i just can't stop eating :(

I seem to sabotage myself all the time, keep trying to restart, but its just not working.

The thing is I'M BROKEN, i left a violent marriage about 2 years and just started seeing someone and im so scared of getting hurt again. I think im eating to make myself feel better, but i just dont know how to get out of this cycle. i kno my new bloke wont hurt me, so i dont kno why im doing it.

Did well yesterday had 2 shakes and a meal to ease myself back in, but then ive woke up this morning and ate half a pack of biscuits. What am i doing?

I go to Orlando in 5 weeks and i reallly need this weight off.
Can anyone help or suggestions on how i can get back on track and how i can stop feeling like this. Is anyone else in the same boat?

Please Help
Dee xx
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I got rid of all the food in the house that I was tempted by, any treats the kids and hubby have is bought as and when they want it so it's not in the house. I'm sorry you are struggling, you sound like you have a lot on your plate atm, I guess you can trust food so are using it as comfort so this will be hard to break. I wish I could tell you how to do it, but I think the only person who knows you well enough and has the best advice is yourself, I wish u lots of luck im sure if you try again you will do it xx


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Thanks for the support,

I kno its a big problem mentally, but i am determined to do it.
Gonna start in the morning and stick to it this time.
I don't know why i let myself get into this state
dee x
Hey Dee

We are all on here as we all have issues with food. I for one eat for every reason Hungry, depressed, feeling down, feeling happy, socialising vertually any opportunity to stick food in my mouth !!

But having said that am now on my 5th day 100% LT and its getting easier you just need to stay focused for the first week. For me I keep picturing summer in 2 ways the old me sweating uncomfortable wearing frumpy clothes and feeling self concious. Then I picture the new me in slim clothes happy confident and doing all the things I want to geoing bike riding, going out for nice summer walks.

You can do this !!! this forum helps me so much as when am getting any urges I come on her and read posts look at pictures and it inspires me that we are all in the same boat and the difference it has made for each person

Good luck on your journey x


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Thanks alot Cat,

I kno exactly what you mean, i know i can do this diet, ive done it in the past. I think im just having a meltdown. Food is poor evil when it comes to me. But i really want to feel comfy on the plane to America. I think i need to deal with my issues along the way. Maybe i should focus on what makes me eat and use Lipotrim to conquer this once and for all.

Dee x
I know how you feel, I use every emotion as an opportunity to eat, I've had to admit I am just a naturally greedy gal, I love my food! Whats more annoying for me personally is that when I look back at last summer I was actually two stone lighter not heavier so its even more depressing for me when I think about how I look :( I was doing so well but have hit a bloody big brick wall at the moment and its like I'm on self-destruct mode, its five weeks till my hen weekend so lets help each other eh? I will not give up this fight! Good luck to you, you had the strength to leave the violent arse and you have the strength to leave the bingeing behind too - you should be proud of yourself x


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I kno its heartbreaking to admit that you just cant control yourself.
I am sabotaging myself i think cos i think oh food will comfort me
even tho im petrified of opening up and becoming a different person.

Unlike you im alot skinnier than when i left the ex. When i was with him
i was 17st and ate myself thin with weight watchers, but hit 12 and half stone and cant budge. I look at pics and realise ive come so far, but its still really hard to get over that emotional hurdle.

Yeah we def should help each other, ive planned to go to orlando on the 18th of april and need to be 11st at least. so i need to loose 21 lbs by then.

How much do you need to loose before this hen do?
My email address is [email protected] or am on facebook if thats easier: Diane Mangham
Lets encourage each other, if you want to get in touch on the above and we could swap mobile nos to text eachother for moral support.

Dee xx
Hey Dee,

I know kind of how you're feeling. I got onto refeed week with only a few pounds to go until goal, did a few days, then binge ate literally everything I saw that I wanted I stuffed in my mouth! And overnight the scales shot up 6lbs. What spurred me on was this massive gain, and today i'm back on tfr for another 2 weeks before refeeding again properly.

The way i look at it, is i don't want to be on this diet any longer than I have to be, so lets not beat around the bush, and get back to it now. I felt terrible whilst I was stuffing my face yesterday, but feel so much better today (even after finding out i'd gained half a stone overnight) because I'm back in control and know i'm going the right way about losing the weight!

You know you can do it!!!! I hope you find your will power. Good luck :)


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Thanks LittleOne,

I know what you mean, you just get the urge to binge,
thats what ive been today, most days i can kurb it has
not done 100% for over a week now. But been having
shakes and then a meal to kurb my hunger.

But from tomo, gonna really reign it in. out tomo night
then back to 100% sunday.
I thank all of you for your support.

I will do it this time, need to focus on the goal


Be 11st for 18/04/11 - Loose 21lbs
Hi dee... i know exactly how you feel... but look, you're out of that violent relationship.... that's one HUGE goal in itself. Don't be too hard on yourself... you can do this.... you are worth it. Its time to start thinking of yourself.... have nice baths... go buy some nice jewellery or shoes.... (stay away from clothes at the mo) listen to some nice music..read a nice book... take time out for yourself. I think we all put ourselves on the backburner when your a mam or partner or wife... everyone else comes first. This is gonna stop with me... its time to regain my life and look after ME.... so cmon dee... put down the biscuits.... take back your life.. you CAN do it....x
I'm in my lovely! My hen weekend starts on Friday 15th April, I want a daily report please, I'll let u know my weight tomorrow and we can track our progress! We owe this to ourselves and there's strength in numbers! X Claire x
Thanks Leluna,

I know am straight back on it tomo, gonna have 2 shakes and ameal cos im going out on a date :)
I will start putting myself first, it starts now

Yeah Lolapink, ill look forward to you getting in touch and we will keep tabs on eachother, lets get eachother to goal

Dee xx

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