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Help I'm eating same things at the moment

S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
I seem to be eating alot of eggs, beans, quorn sausages and potatoes..... I think I've had potatoes everyday since I've started SW (i've kept a diary if anyone fancies a look). I usually do green days as I dont eat meat, but I do eat fish so I have done 1 EE day. I guess I just need to rack my brains for other things to eat - Any ideas ?

I messed up yesterday and I'm determined not to mess up today, but I need some inspiration for my evening meal !!!

Today so far I've had:
blueberries and l/f greek yog (1)
SW quiche (1/2 HA)
yog (from m+s only able to check syns after eating 7.5 :( ), veggie sushi (1.5), 1 piece of fudge (2.5)
I have a nice fruit salad for later :)
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I've been in the same position, when you are a veggie/fish eater and find something you like it can be a bit samey, for a while I could have sworn I had babybels and ryvitas running through my veins!
Soup is always good if you're up for making it, it's cheap, fills your freezer and is great when it's so cold outside, today I have sweetcorn and chilli soup, nom nom nom!
I've been enjoying some EE days, pasta with tuna, sweetcorn, onion etc with some fromage frais and/or very light mayo is good lunch option.
For tea quorn chilli is always a winner, or make a lovely veggie casserole (you can keep out the potatoes if you want!) with tons of root veg and pulses.
At the moment I'm eating pineapple and cubed babybels on a stick - very retro! :D


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I always have an omelette with bacon and savoury rice for my lunch during the week (apart from WI day) - I like it and can't seem to break out of the cycle lol
S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Oh thanks for that - good ideas ! I am a soup maker and I do do some slow cooker lentil things and I do like quorn chilli too. I think pulses are the way to go.

Pineapple and babybels on sticks -
That made me laugh so much :D
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to be fair, dont we all pretty much eat the same foods all teh time.. its about using them differently..

like i could say iv had xl beef mince 4 times this week, BUT that could be chilli con carni, burgers, spag bowl, and meatballs? or i could say iv eaten potatoes 3 times, (proberly more in reality lol) but iv had crispy cheesey mash, roast potatoes, wedges or chips..
or eggs,.. omlette, fried, poached, used in cooking.. dippy eggs...

if you were to write out your meal plan, then a shopping list to ensure you had all the ingrediants, then yeah.. im proberly eating loads of the same foods, just in different ways, my variety comes in different meal ideas, different vegs or fruits.. xxx


Gin and tonic please!
S: 17st12lb C: 15st12lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 2st0lb(11.2%)
JestersTear - I went cold turkey on eggs this week, I was having them everyday and started to have some 'issues' in certain departments.. I'll spare you the details! It's hard beause they are convenient tasty little devils - we need an egg rehab! I've managed to limit my 'fix' to weekends only, maybe a couple in the week.... OH GOD I WANT EGGS NOW!


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lol I can't get away from pasta, cheese on top(hex) then baked beans & rest of the cheese hum hum its just a lovely taste the cheese melting through lovely:)


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I still tend to eat the same foods too, although I do try to serve them in different ways and different recipes, but I am getting more adventurous since I began doing some EE days every week.
S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Yeah lots of us eat the same things every day !!!! Egg addiction annonymous - can I join too ! I do have things in different forms so I'm in that category too :) Thanks for making me feel a bit more normal and bit better, do think I need to do a bit more planning to get the variety though ! :)
Couple of suggestions?

Green day: Ratatouille (onions, peppers, courgette, aubergine, tinned toms, mixed herbs, garlic) anything in the list you don't like, leave it out. Adding chilli also gives it a bit of zing.

EE day: Smoked salmon (cut up v. small) with Ainsley harriott citrus kick cous cous, with chopped onions and cherry tomatoes. (a quick WI night staple!)


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Why not try different veg - I've recently discovered sweet potatoes as an alternative to the usual ones - lovely roasted, as is butternut squash or other squash/pumpkin. I saw Swiss chard in Lidl the other day and might give that a whirl next


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There really is no need to be bored by SW - the only thing limiting you is your imagination! Why not set your self a challenge to try a new recipe every week, either from here, the SW magazine or from 'normal' recipes books/websites. Also challenge yourself to try a new food every week as this will increase your repertoire. Or challenge yourself to have a different evening meal every night for the next month! It's not difficult as we have so many foods available to us now and access to fantastic sources of inspiration. :)

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