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Help - Im New and Confused!!

Welcome to the forum and you will get used to the setup quick. A good place to start for tips would be to have a look at Slimming World Advice for New comers (Including Extra Easy). There is also a useful section above with Recipes and there you will find a Post your pic of your meal thread which may give you some ideas of what to make. There is also another section on the top for Weekly Weigh In's so you may want to join in according to the day you Weigh In.
It is a really useful forum and I keep getting good ideas and suggestions from members, so hope you enjoy it just as much!

Congratulations on your loss!


Just wanted to say welcome and congratulations on your loss so far.

I have found the most useful tools for me is to fill in a food diary either on paper or on here in the food diary section.

It definitely helps me stay on track as I have to be accountable for everything I eat and I dont forget that I have eaten something etc

I am still quite early on with sw at 13 weeks but I have to keep refreshing myself by reading and re-reading my books, it will be amazing what you miss 2nd/3rd/4th time round etc.

That would be my top 2 tips, bwsides what meli already said.

Good luck with your campaign to lose weight, I hate to say journey , still trying to come up with a better word :D
thankyou soccermom, im slowly getting the hang of slimming world and i do find i resort to my books and slimming world online every 2 mins! im stil abit confused about how the forum works i cant seem to put a picture on or my BMI or any motivational pictures as my signature am i just being dumb? if anyone could help that would be great! :D
Apart from the fantastic advice already, I would suggest varying your meals, never guesstimate things that need weighing and also never assume that a healthier option has less syns!
If you dont know the syn value of something get it first...never eat it and then syn it afterwards as you could get a nasty shock!

Good luck with your journey!
You need to have at least 50 posts before you can start adding things to your signature Hun...saying that...click on my ticker (gingerbread men)..it will open a new window and should allow you to make your own ticker that you can update...you then copy the URL and attach to your signature (sounds more complicated than it is honest)


Wishing and hoping!
one tip i would suggest is looking at your porition sizes of food - obviously eat when needed but listen to your body - don't leave it so your blood sugar levels drop and eat everything in sight, make sure you don't eat for bordom or emotional reasons if so try free food stuff as a healthy version to cope with difficulties.
Definately get organised and when going any where make sure you have a back up plan :)
if you fall of the slippery slop make sure you don't punish your self to hard, reflect and learn from your experiences :)
p.s well done on your loss so for and best wishes with your journey


A sucker for a key change
I think you can add a photo after 20 posts, but you should be able to get the BMI details up. Go to User CP, click edit details and scroll down and add height and weight etc. I am saying this from memory so I hope I haven't misled you. However, there are some help threads to be found in the top blue banner (try tutorials or FAQs).

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