Help...I'm new to this but old at dieting :-(

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Hey there fellow slimming world members. I joined slimming world online last week... didn't do very well :cry:... It probably sounds like an excuse but I wasn't very organised and made a bit of a crap of it!!! :sad0071:

Aww well you have come to the right place for help. Dont worry first you need to learn how to plan (and I need to take my own advice there too, lol). You need to get your head round the plan first. Once you have done that you need to plan your meals for the week or a day at a time which ever you prefer.

Have a nosey through the sticky threads at the top of the SW forum there is so much info on there that should help you and if you need anything just fire the questions there is usually always someone around to help.

Good luck with SW and you will probably find like everyone else that you have now found minimins you will become addicted to it and we will become your second family lol.

Hope I have not frightened you off saying that were a freindly bunch really.


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Hello B-F-G...

Right, draw a line under last week. Make a list of why you want to do this, really focus your mind.

Then sit down with all the SW info and plan, plan, plan. Make sure you spend some time in the kitchen and freeze the leftovers. Plus, it helps if you have free snacks in the fridge for when you're hungry and in a rush. E.g. cold LF sausages or leek and potato soup (homemade).

You can do this, you know you can xxx
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Thank You

Thanks girls, I think I will get addicted to this...especially as i only got a laptop yesterday so it's like a new toy for me!! Think i'm gonna read through this site and make shopping lists etc...and plan out my food for the week:thinking2: I don't know whether it's just me but I find it so hard to eat fruit and salad (as much as i absolutely love them) in this cold weather.


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No its not just you think everyone goes through that at some point during the winter months. I dont really eat much salad myself. I make fruit salad and have it with muller light for breaky or for a snack it seems to make it a bit more bareable with yoghurt on it.
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good tip

oh thats a good tip ... I Love it!!!:D


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The wonderful thing about SW is that you don't need to eat just fruit and salad! I had homemade chicken kebabs tonight and tomorrow I am having beef stew. I really recommend the comfort foods cook book. Ideal for this cold weather!

Also, if you like curry, I have some great recipes for you!


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I don't want fruit so much in winter, but winter's great for soups so you can up your veggie intake instead! It took me a while to get my head round slimming world when I first started, and I spent a fortune in the supermarkets buying everything I might need! Now I'm used to it I don't spend any more than I used to and don't waste much food. Good luck, it's great once you get your head round it!


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Hi BFG :giggle:
Welcome to minimins and good luck on slimming world. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
Mwah x :massmoon:


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hi there and good luck!
As suggested above. Look through the recipes and stuff and if in doubt ask? If you fancy something you can just pop a thread and ask for recipes or like me if you have stuff int he fridge or cupboards and are not sure about what to maske with them list them and someone will inspire you no doubt!

Good luck and welcome!