HELP!! Its all gone wrong!

Hi guys,

OK, so I've lost 4 stone 1 and want to lose another stone,or stone and a half.

I had a wedding on June 22nd which i decided to eat at, and as i was home near the famuily, went out for a meal the day after.

Saw my councillor a couple of weeks ago after and had still lost 2 3/4 lbs that week, so was fairly happy.. shewas away for 2 weeks, and i thought that I would start the 1000 cal plan.

Its all gone wrong.

I have been eating FAIRLY healthily, salads etc, but the 1000 plan went tits up after about 4 days. I decided that yesterday i would get back on SS, as I was finding it easy before. I had enough packs to last me till i next saw my councellor. Problem is last night i get home and a friend pops over to cook dinner! I told him I was on SS again, and he said oh ok. problem is then I caved in and said "oh go on, ill start tommorrow."

I have an 80th birthday at the Savoy tommorrow which I was going to eat at anyhow, but i really MUST get back on SS after that.

I havent actually put on any weight , but I'm desperaste to get down to my target, and dont know how to keep my willpower, please please does anyone have any tips?

Why is it so difficult to get back on SS?

Thanks guys!!
For starters, you are your own worst enemy.

Listen, relax, take a few breaths and think about this. You havnt gained any weight!! Isnt that great? Your not going backwards.

Right now, it feels like the universe is try to consiper against you. The friend coming over, the doo tomorrow night. But its not, its just a random sequence of events that happened to just happen.

Forget about SS'ing right now, its too big a thing for you to concentrate on right now with all the things happening. Just stay away from the carbs and enjoy life. SSing can wait till your ready. Eating and not gaining weight is what you have to do after your finished SSing and it takes time to get into the rythem of maintaining.

You have to claim what you achieved now, or you will lose that. You have done brilliantly, just dont pressure yourself too hard for it can lead to self destruction.

The fact you came here and talked about it, means your aware of your situation, which means your in control right now!

Don't worry Mr. Mannering!

It can be hard to return to SS. You have been doing 1000 cals did you work up to this or go straight from SS to 1000 cals?

What I would suggest is get 80th celebration out of the way then start the next day on the 790 plan and do this for one week. At the end of the week decide whether to continue with this as losses are almost equal to SS or return to SS.

When does your CDC return.
Thanks for the comments. I still really want to do SS again though. I would just like to lose the last stone and then just move on to healthy eating (I've actually discovered that i LIKE salad after 26 years of not eating it - stupid eh) I can lose this last stone in 3 weeks of SS. Im gonna try and get back on the wagon on Sunday..You are right, i shouldnt beat myself up about it - especially as i havent gained any weight in the 2 weeks. In fact, this morning i was the lightest ive been so far lol. Im seeing my CDC on Tuesday, so i'll talk to her then after 1 day of SS.

TBH mate the maintenance plan is really scary. After weeks or months of not having to make choices, other than what shake flavour to have, we feel like we have been thrown back in to the real world.

I am going through maintenance and after a perfect time on Sole Source, I have since had a couple of episodes like you.

First it was a bad (greedy actually) day. I didn't binge (as that was never my issue), but I did decide for whatever reason to make every rubbish food choice I could. Anyway, putting it in to perspective, it was one day and I chalked it up to experience and put it behind me.

However, I went to Ireland to visit my family a couple of weeks ago and how can I put it ...... made up for 5 months of no beer, in three days :eek: . The beer then loosens the resolve and somehow a big bag of chips appears a very reasonable food option :mad: :mad:

Anyway, upshot was, come back to England feeling like I had let myself down and giving myself a right downer. Been an angel since and am now at my lightest.

My (sorry, very long and drawn out) point is, you have recognised a problem, now is the time to grip it, but sensibly. I would think seriously about options other than going back to Sole Source mate. It's not about punishing yourself, but making proper food choices. Frankly if you continue with the 1000 calorie plan (which was the hardest one for me), you will lose anything you might have gained and more. You CAN and WILL do it Mint, don't dwell too much on what you have done. Anyway, put what has happened in to perspective, it's not the end of the world, although when it happened to me, I really did feel low, so I do understand. Don't look back, it is only important to concentrate on what you will do next.

Good luck mate.

PS - Posted before reading your last entry - I'm a slowwwwwww typer!!
Thanks Brad, it really helps - YES the booze is one problem....13 weeks without beer or wine and then more than enough to make up for it, kebabs and all!

I am seriously thinking about just giving up drinking all together.

Gonna have one more go at getting back on SS and if i dont manage it, Ill try and do one of the less extreme plans to lose the last stone.

Thanks for your advice guys.
Hey Minty - first of all well done on getting to your lightest weight - you have done really well and you know it - having been on SS for a long time it is naturally quite scarey when you start to eat again which is why the steps are there to protect and support you - all the advice you have been given is very sound - be happy with your achievements - I'll help you get back on track - as Linda suggests 790 is probably the best option for you anyway - 4 packs and a small meal of protein and veggies - yum! Then the hard part really begins - and I will introduce you to some other clients who are maintaining successfully. See you soon.
Sorry Minty - make that 3 packs plus a small meal of lean protein and veggies on 790. See you tomorrow.