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Help - I've been tango'd

Hello everyone - help please.

I am on day 4 of taking xenical and this afternoon for the first time, i've been tango'd.

What i'd like to know is what meal did this to me? I'm keeping a diary of what i eat so I can work out what I can and can't eat - yesterday tea time I had a far smaller than usual portion of lamb caserole, this morning 2 bananas and at lunch a bowl of couscous. I'm guessing it was the lamb but i only made it with tin tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, potato and an oxo. No fancy sauces !!

If it is the meat - what are my options when feeding a family - my other half will not eat quorn that's for sure. Does everyone cook for the family and then do themself something else. I'll do whatever it takes - i just need to get my head round it.

One last question - is there an daily amount of water suggested with this diet ??
Thanks and happy slimming

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Hi Fiona,

It could have been any meal or snack over the past 72 hours that gave you the tango effect, even a very small amount of something which is high in fat can do the damage, say you had a low fat lunch with just a scraping of full fat mayo, that could be enough. As I'm sure you know the rules are no food over 5% total fat and no more than 15g of fat per meal. I eat meat, yes, but only if it's very lean, such as pork steak, trimmed. At the moment I don't eat what the rest of the family eat, I usually have a Weight Watchers ready meal or something similar with extra veg to bulk it out, this is what suits me but everyone is different. Xenical is a very steep learning curve at the beginning and you will fine that some people can get away with food that others can't and vice versa. Post your food diary here if you think it would help and we can try to help you solve the mystery. Good luck!

KB x
I'm guessing that it's probably been the lamb. As a family we don't eat a lot of red meat, mainly chicken or turkey. I have roast beef occasionally ( maybe once every fortnight, usually a very lean roast though).
It's not just the amount of fat you have to consider when you are on these tabs, its the percentage of fat too. So even if you only had a small bit of something that was over the 5% fat rule, potentially you will have a side effect.
For foods that are just over the 5% rule ( say anything up to 10% fat) it really is just a case of trial and error as what might affect someone else, might not give you the same result.
For what it's worth my digestive system seems to be a 48 hour one. I find that it's stuff I've eaten 2 days ago that give me the tango effect :p
im on xenical this is my 8th day, iv havent really had many tango experiences although iv slipped up once or twice and was dreading the result, maybe they dont work wit me? im very deflated today anyway as i bought some ww scales and they put me at my start weight whereas my wii fit puts me 5lb down arrrghhh :(( x
Claire, don't forget all scales are different and the Wii Fit is really unreliable! Go by your new scales from now on and don't be disheartened. Back to another question you asked, there is a link to blogs at the top of the page or if it's a diary you want go to the "Xenical Diaries" section and start a new thread, call it what you like and this will be your diary that we can all read.
thankyou for your help :) its nice to know that i can chat freely here about my weight issues and not get judged which seems to be what happens when i try and talk to my friends.. who are all skinny!! :s xx
Thanks everyone.
Today i've had no mishaps. I'm reading the food labels and basically have had a wake up call - I generally eat crap it seems!
Back to Asda tomorrow me thinks !!!
talking about food, does anyone know is eggs are any good? my son wanted/had dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast n it looked yuuummm! but i was good and stuck to my weetabix lol, but was wondering as a treat whether they would be ok?


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yes ill second that, its a trial and error thing with eggs...
ive not tried that one yet... but maybe one day..

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