Help! I've caved.

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by pamdev, 10 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    I am so angry with myself right now. I've caved and just eaten a bit of millionaires shortbread. Why would I do that after 34 100% days and why for something so rubbishy???? Feel like I've let you all down but wanted to be honest. It was so not worth the guilt I feel right now. Just hope I've not blown it for this week. So angry with myself.
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  3. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Firstly don't beat yourself up over it....were all human and have slip ups. Just think before you did this diet would you of even admitted cheating????
    Use this as a learning curve and think why you time you'll be stronger as you won't want to feel like this again.

    You've done so well ....don't let this minor blip cause you to undo all your good work honey x x x keep strong x x x
  4. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    Thank you. I hate being weak and that's exactly how I feel. I can't even bring myself to tell my husband. Guess my punishment will me feeling shitty for a few days till I settle back in. Aaaggghhhhh someone slap me please!!!
  5. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    Don't be so hard on yourself Pamdev concentrate on all your achievements so far, it was just a bit of shortbread not life or death, chin up you have done so so well and tomorrow is a brand new day x
  6. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    Yes some perspective needed here me thinks. It's behind me so on wards and upwards or downwards as far as the scales are concerned. Do you think that will knock me out of ketosis? I'd deserve it if it does but still a little hopeful. Time to move on. Thanks lilac. So good to have you back.
  7. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    i really couldn't tell you if it did knock you out of not but i've got my fingers crossed for you, if it did you'll be back in it in no time honest you will, it will all be fine don't worry. Just don't do it again *wags finger at you* LOL. You are not the first and you won't be the last just please don't let it be the start of something more, i have watched many people go "missing in action" from this site over my time and i really hope you aren't one of them x
  8. mumto4

    mumto4 Full Member

    Did you only have a nibble or the whole bar? A nibble wouldn't do any harm and TBF if you ate the whole thing it wouldn't hinder your weight loss due to minute amount of calories we take in on this diet anyway! I had a major blip last night as went out for a meal! lol
  9. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    I ate a small square. God in days gone by I'd have eaten a tray of the stuff and not given it a 2nd thought. Told hubby so it's all out in the open . Think keeping it from him was upsetting me too so now it's out there. Off out for a long walk with the dog to burn off all the evil calories lol!!!
  10. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Hun.... look at the big picture!! Look how well you have done!!! You've done brilliantly!!!

    A tiny square i doubt would kick you out but if it does its done!!! Don't dwell hunni!!! You would still be sooooooo under your daily cal intake!!!! I don't think it will affect your losses too much!!!

    Just don't let it spiral!!! Be good to yourself!!! your doing soooo well!!!

  11. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    Just back from a 45 min fast wall with the dog so that will have kicked the [email protected] out of that wee slip lol!!! Thanks everyone. Could have been a lot worse but lesson learned. Will be back on my very best behaviour tomorrow!!! Love you all for being so supportive. Xxx
  12. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member


  13. pamdev

    pamdev Silver Member

    Aww thanks Deezer. How are you feeling today? back to normal I hope. xx
  14. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I'm back to full health thanks!!! : ) xX
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