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Help, I've fallen off the wagon....


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Hi, I had a planned break from the diet on Friday as it was a work's do and I'd been looking forward to it for months. My company won a wine tasting competition earlier this year, and we were treated to a 5 course dinner with a wine expert. I didn't want to miss out as it was a one-off thing and I also think having a small break makes the 3-4 month journey seem a little less long. So spoke to my CDC and she said to eat a light meal Thursday night (I had baked salmon and boiled vegetables), shake for breakfast, a light lunch then enjoy my dinner and wine (this was to avoid the alcohol being dangerous, as I've read on here it could be). My plan was to get back to plan yesterday and I really did try at first. Didn't help that I was feeling slightly hung over too (it was a good night, lol).

I actually stuck to it all day but was really grumpy with my OH all night and in the end, caved in and had a slice of toast with butter, and some crisps and chocolate just to get it out of my system. My boyfriend did try to tell me not to, which just made me want to eat even more (he was just trying to help, bless him). Today, with my OH at work, I haven't even tried.... I've had 2 slices of toast, leftover crisps and sweets. I'm now feeling really disgusted with myself.

My weigh-in is on Wednesday night. IF I manage to not eat anything else today, maybe just have 2 shakes and drink loads of water today and for the next 3 days, does anyone think there's any chance at all I might be able to stay the same, rather than get a gain on Wednesday? It's difficult not to just carry on eating when you already feel like a failure but something inside me is telling me I should just accept what's happened, and get back to it. I've been doing so well on this, whereas on most diets I usually give up after a day or two. Who else has had a blip like this, and managed to turn it around? Any advise is appreciated.. :break_diet:
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You may lose at your next weigh in. You may gain. Unfortunately, you have no control over that. The only thing you can control is getting back on the diet so that future weigh ins are 'pleasing' and more importantly that you achieve your long term goal.

And the best way of getting back on the diet, is to do it. No messing. No 'cheats' anywhere. Just total focus, 100%.

But there are ways to make it easier. I don't know what plan you are doing, but 810 is a good one for getting back on track.

And yes, I suspect you'll possibly be concerned with this as you'll want the scales to give the best reading possible. I can understand that, which is why your priority needs to be long term success, rather than focusing on your next weigh in.

Once 'blips' set in, they can be devilish to stop, which is why a higher plan tends to be better. Then when you are comfortable with that, you could chose to go lower when it feels right.

Absolute 100% focus. No messin' ;)
Good advice from KD ..as always :)

I went off plan in July for..2 weeks! on holiday VERY planned and gained 8 pounds of love :D

I came back onto SS immediately the day i came back and lost it all plus a pound in about 3/4 days!!!

So.................... even if you do put on...it'll come straight off once you start being good again :)

Chin up fellow essex girl x


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Hi both of you, and thanks. I've not managed to get back on it today, probably because I've been in all day on my own, and feeling bored and lonely. It's so much easier when I'm at work, so tomorrow I'm gonna do it 100% again! I will let you know how I get on at my WI on Wednesday, fingers crossed it wont be too bad :)
Don't panic, just have your shakes as normal, and it will come right off. Just get back on that horse full throttle and you'll be away in no time! I know when I fall off diet wagons, every day I cheat I feel a bit worse and everyday I don't, I feel so much better! You just need to get the ball rolling again - you can do it!


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That is so true, I feel sooo good and proud of myself when I stick to it, and disappointed with myself for doing this now after 6 good weeks. Nothing else for it, just gotta get back up on that horse, lol.


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There is still time to catchup and get back on the wagon. I think it is good to remind yourself of the real world and have the occassional meal, making the right choices. But you need to start SSing straight away or you may be tempted to lapse.
Don't worry love,

I have come off for socials and things too. in fact I came off last week for my daughters birthday and I have not been able to go back on until today.

I have gained 9lbs in the process. But don't worry. Just shake it off and continue. It's in the past and can't be changed now.

We are only human and get these little blips.

Yo will be fine!

Good luck


is back on it...
Im in the same boat as you today... been "off plan" at the weekend for a all day family wedding... but i ate on Friday night to knock me out of Ketosis... which i spent the whole night with a very poorly tum :( but felt better on Saturday and had nice food at the wedding, spent yesterday very hungover and craving toast... which i had..:break_diet:. and then even attempted a chinese last night as a last blow out before back on it today.. but managed about a 5th of my chow mein... but i am so hungry today!... weigh in tommorow night and i am dreading seeing what the gain is :(....

But on the positive... i cant stop peeing today so i think this shows that some of the gain will be down to water retention... so fingers crossed i can pee it all away!.. :)

Also just incase anyone is reading this and thinking that i was lucky to have a break etc... if i could go back in time i wouldnt have come off plan at all... felt like crap all weekend... no energy... poorly tum and cramps... felt like a failure even though i had planned it... so when i was wearing my small dress... i felt guilty... also i will have just ruined an amazing weight loss streak i was having!.. :(

Right..sorry for the winge... back on it today... back in control... :)

Hi ClareyMary, I know exactly how you felt. I was the same, wondering if it was worth coming off the diet for the do. But hey, it's done now and we just have to put it behind us. Did you have your weigh-in tonight then, how did it go? I've had 2 good days being strict and drinking loads of water, so fingers crossed for my WI tomorrow night :)
Well done for getting back on CD, Mala.

Don't worry now about what the scales might say at next weigh-in, the most important thing is that you have re-commenced CD and will reach your goal x


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well done for getting back on track hun!
the hardest thing to most people when off track is the guilt, however, that makes us feel even worse and then we go into emotional eating mode.....not good!

I'm learning now that if you have something "off plan" that its a hell of a lot easier to move on from it if a) you enjoyed the food you ate and b) you accept the scales might not go in your favour!

I went Disneyland paris, have 10 days off plan and gained 10lbs! am i gutted? no! i had a super break without thinking about the scales.....as that is what "normal" people do! Am i still eating like i did on holiday? HELL NO!!! Moved on and back to enjoying small portions and healthy choices!

Your doing fab....so put this weigh in down to experience....and then you have a week to really concentrate in time for next week! :)

Well, I've been for my weigh-in tonight and I was amazed to find that instead of the expected gain (I had hoped for no more than 2 lbs), instead I have lost a pound!! God knows how on earth I managed that, but I'm well happy!

Thanks everyone for their supportive words. It made me stop and think - and get back on the plan again 100% on Monday. And think back on my 3 days off the diet as an enjoyable few days, rather than just feeling guilty and making it worse.

Now let's just see what next week will bring. With no temptations, and no deviations from the plan, I am looking forward a bigger loss next week. A little bit closer to goal :)

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