Help Mastering the Crisps!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Kimba_soontobeslim, 28 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    I know the 'how to make crisps' thread pops up again and again, but I just had to raise it again!

    I've attempted making the crisps (along with a bit of pate) on 3 occassions now....

    The first time was a complete disaster, they just didn't crisp up at all!

    The 2nd time half of them crisped up and these were the ones left on the hot plate to cool (whereas I removed the others on the parchment paper onto the side, so I could re-use the same plate) and the ones in the middle of the plate, not the edges, they were gorgeous and with the pate, I was a very happy bunny!

    However, thinking I'd mastered them i tried them a 3rd time, but this time only did 4 on a plate at a time....the slightly thicker ones last time had come out better, so I made them slightly thicker....and instead of using the same plate I put my next batch on another plate...waited for all too cool and not one of them crisped up!!!! They were awful!

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong!?!?! I just can't figure it out!!?

    Is there anyone who has mastered these that could give me some advice??

    (apologies for the stupidly long thread!!)
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  3. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    I've mastered the art - you need either a silicone baking sheet or baking paper - give me a second and i will link to my post yesterday which had the instructions! x
  4. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

  5. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    Ooh thank you so much! I'm wondering if I just didn't cook them for long enough, I put them in for 1 minute but I don't think they went slightly brown! Will try again and follow your instructions!!

    Thanks again!!!
  6. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Thanks for this. I got myself some OC soup this week for the sole purpose of making crisps at the weekend. Cant wait to give it a try!

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