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  1. lanarkian

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    i was wondering if someone can please help me by telling me how i can overcome my binges.

    over the past year i have lost 3 stone which i kick started with the special k challenge and it worked well for me, i was full up most of the day and exercised too. i'm 5ft 9inch and went from 12 stone 13pounds to 9 stone 10 pounds. my bmi is roughly around 20

    at first everyone was great and really supportive but once i got to around 10. and a half stone some of them (mostly the older ones - i'm 19!) changed and started to tell me how ill i looked and that i'd lost too much weight. i never at any point thought i had gone too far as unlike previous diets i was never feeling like my bloody sugar was too low or faint dizzy etc and had more than enough energy to exercise.

    at first i started to eat around these people i suppose in a way to prove i didnt have eating probelms as i can see them totally scruitinizing me, asing if i've been out jogging recently. but they way the talk about it is not like their taking an interest but more that they are trying to confirm to themselves that i have an eating disorder! ( am i being paranoid??)

    anyway now its got out of control and instead of just having the odd chocolate bar or bag of crisps in front of then i've got to the point where am full on binging, and not just infront of people. i cant stop eating and i know that all my hard work will be for nothing if i cant get back on track. the winter months dont help but this is getting rediculous, am eating like 9 bags of crisps at a time and i dont even feel too full after which makes it all worse.

    weight loss was so much easier when i had encouragement but now i feel everyones against me doing it. i'm not at all overweight but i hav a really fat belly which i was to get rid of as much as possible. i'm really skinny in my arms tho and am quite flat chested and have a slim neck. my legs are slim too but they are really muscly and i'm happy with that, its just my belly.

    i'm thinking of going back on special k as i really enjoyed it, i love the honey and oats one and could quite happily live off it but is my bmi too low for it?

    please help

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  3. lanarkian

    lanarkian Member

    i'm about a size fourteen, sometimes a 16, wont really fit into much smaller as i'm quite broad especially my back and shoulders. its just my belly it really is quite big and is very flabby and i would love to get it shifted.

    i've been doing mostly weight and resistance exercises over past few months
  4. LilacAngel

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  5. Dancing

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    hi there, as for the binging behaviour - I can relate in that for four days last week I stuffed myself without stopping even though I felt ill and in pain from it - that didn't stop me.

    There is always a reason why - boredom, emotional, anxiety, etc. Is there something going on that you are avoiding dealing with?

    For me, I realised I was eating because I'd been anxious about my finances and the huge impact that was going to have on my future plans. Also, I wasn't keeping myself occupied - I'd changed my working hours and this meant I had all day for five days a week to find something to do, instead of just the two days on the weekend I used to have. I wasn't occupying myself and I turned to food.

    Hope something in here reaches you and helps turn the binge switch off.

    Thinking of you
  6. lanarkian

    lanarkian Member

    hi all thanks for replying.

    aye a know it sounds weird but i honestly cant get into any smaller than a jeans size 14, thats in most shops like dorothy perkins and whatever, even my sports clothes from jd are 14 to 16. if i go small on top then it literally cuts into my arms if i tense them or starts to ride further and further up. i'm just quite largely framed.

    the only thing i can really think of is all my uni work and av got exams coming up soon. or sometimes its when the weathers really bad.
  7. Dancing

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    well stress of exams (and avoidance technique) could definitely be contributing to it - it would do for me. Good luck with them ... and with fitting into smaller size jeans soon
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I was thinking about my bingeing life this morning. When I decided to really deal with it (rather than just reading about how to deal with it:D), I would find the answer....or so I thought.

    It would work for a while, then I didn't want to apply what I learnt anymore. I was bored with that 'answer', so I'd find another.

    Truth is, for me anyway, there wasn't just one or two reasons I binged. There were many. Also not just one answer to it. I have loads of techniques now. When I can't do one, I move onto the next, then the next, then the next.

    Of course.....only if I care. Even now, there are times when I don't give a damn (at the time). They are the hardest ones to beat.

    Anyway. Hope you find your answers. Just do try and deal with it before it becomes too much of a habit. Once it becomes a part of you...something that just do because you've always done it, it's damn hard to knock on the head.
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