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Help me chose from this menu


grilled with spicy tomato, oregano and basil sauce.
- £10.95 -


Memphis chicken
grilled breast of chicken brushed with BBQ sauce, blackened with
Cajun spices and served with a pot of sour cream.
- £10.75 -


Cheese deluxe
cheddar cheese melted on.
(with bacon 50p)
- £7.95 -


Happy to be slim at last
One of the sword fish dishes. They sound yum!!! With a nice fat green salad.

Making me hungry just reading the menu.
The memphis chicken does sound good.. does bbq sauce not have loads of sugar in though??

Whats swordfish like? Ive never had it.

Any ideas on the pink sauce? Was thinking of having gulf steak but dunno if thats ok or not. xx


Happy to be slim at last
Sword fish has a similar texture to tuna. It's quite a meaty fish. It's lovely!
Oh yummy.. I do like a bit of tuna!! xx


Happy to be slim at last
Yes me to! Love swordfish also.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
Going for lunch on saturday, ideas on whats best to have would be great.. seems to be a few options, but presume I cant have bbq or marie rose sauce??

Either lunch or evening menu is fine.

Must not eat enchiladas! They are naughty!!!!
i would have the hot wings with blue cheese dip to start and either the salmon or tuna blackened mmm sounds lovely :0)
It is absoutely yummy there. My normal dish is carribean chicken, but I thinks thats got far too much sugar in to even consider now. xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oooo at least there is lots of choice , youre going to have a fab meal no matter what xx enjoy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
woo hoo girls , jim is oinking !!!!LOL weve finally got to him xxx
morning jim , how are you on this fine day ??
Hi sweetheart, I'm fine just sulking 'cos I got thrashed at backgammon in the conservative club last night. :D

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
ah jim are you a bad looser ????
No not really Sukie love, but I was doing really well in the tournament, but there are a couple of old retired guys who play every day and one of them whipped my arse last night. :)
PMSL, I should have expected that woofy love. :D

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