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Help me get back on track :(


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Hi everyone not been on much recently :(

After reaching target a few weeks ago I was really good and controling things then last week I went away for a couple of days to London for a funeral, then because I was staying at someone elses house we had takeaway then the next day buffet at the wake where I just couldnt stop till I had had at least 1 of everything laid out!! Then the next morning before returning a fry up in a greasy spoon. When I got back I was actually quite good and thought thats it had my blow out now its time to get back on track and I did for the rest of that day and maybe half of the next day. Since then I start the day good but by mid afternoon I am saying to myself that I will take another day off and get back to it tomorrow, today is yet another of those days :( at weigh in on Weds I had gained 2lb and you would think that would get me back on the straight and narrow but it hasn't. I go on holiday in less than 2 weeks all inclusive and really wanted to enjoy it without worry about being out of target when I get back but at this rate I will be out of target before I even go!!

Going to restart my diary today and try and be 100% I need something to give me that enthusiasm of when I first started getting bored of alpen lights, curly wurlys, wm bread and salad I need some new snacks and meals to stop me getting the munchies for things I shouldnt be having. Last night it was a skipped dinner and loads of custard creams and home made cookies :(

Hoping by actually writing this down it will help me a bit too :)

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Same here... I went away on hols week before last and just couldn't get motivated to be good again. I'm doing an SAS log this week- I'm sick of sabotaging myself. So far so good... but I have only been up 2 hours! :)
Hiya - thought i hadn't seen much of you. I thought it was coz of you getting to target, lol

Ok so - by coming on here you are more motivated then yesterday when you didn't post so you have more determination today already.

I think once you have slipped off the wagon it will be harder to get back on as your body will be craving all those naughties again & now you remember the tastes too so its even harder!

So - get back on the wagon by making a plan of your meals for the next couple of days. I have been doing green again the last couple & am feeling much fuller again from having my usual red days.

Easy meals like SW Wedges, ehh & beans will fill you up but give you the naughty tastes that you don't expect when "slimming".

Try & make one of the 1/2syn roulades, there really quick & easy to make then you can munch your way through the entire thing if need be without blowing your syns.

Then next time you reach for the biscuits, think of your holiday & try & get a piece of fruit instead if your hungry then fruit will be fine if its notthen your not actually hungry.

You have done really well getting to target, I am sure you'll be back at it in no time x
I think it's really hard once you hit target. Personally I think the consultants should have a separate chat with target members.

Initially I found it difficult, it's so liberating to finally hit target after all the hard work, you know you've got 3lbs either way so it's easy to think, 'I can have that' yep & that. But you can't go back to old eating habbits.

You've realised what you've been doing. If you carry on your holiday isn't going to be easy. You could come back from hols outside your target weight. Do you want that?

Did you keep diaries, take a look at these & remember all the nice food you've had, recreate these.

Think back when you hit target, how good did that feel. Did you post on here, if so re-read that thread, get back that I can do this attitude.

You can do this, we're all here for you:D


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Thanks :) I am going to try some green days I think because I know they do fill me up more.
I think I have just been a bit down about this thing being for life I see others eating as they please and not gain weight I only have to look at something off plan and I gain. Just cant envision a life with just 15 syns every day ! Really strange because all the time I was trying to lose weight I rarely had a flexi day or a day off plan so I should be used to this now.
Have just been shopping and took the little ones into asda cafe I had a jacket spud with beans no butter while they had chips so feeling really good. Have just also bought myself a couple of bits in the sale that always makes me feel good knowing I can fit into the smaller sizes.
My partner in crime is also away so I am guessing that has an effect we both started at the same time at similar weights and she has been on holiday the past 2 weeks and I think we help eachother along so having her back this week will hopefully get me back into things, especially as I need to set a good example, before she went away she had 1lb to get to target so I need to stay positive to help her get there too :)

thanks again going to make sure over the next 11 days before my hol I am 100%, 100% of the time so at least I can get back to what I was before my hiccup and enjoy my week in the sun :)
Do you know what I was feeling like this a couple of weeks ago, it took me a few days to get back into it but I gave up bread and started doing wii fit every day and I've lost 3 pound since.

I do sympathise with you, hang in there xxx