Help me guys q


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I have never never had a craving this bad before but I want food bad food like never before oh my god I need to get past this.
Hey Bellybee,
I can only suggest trying to keep yourself busy and maybe a little scare tactics . I lost 3 stone in 2 and a half months on Cambridge diet and had a day off because i had such bad cravings that was just over 3 months ago i have as of this morning gained 4lbs short of that 3stone trust me when i say it wasn't worth it the only thing i enjoyed was the 1st couple of mouthfuls and i regret more than you could ever imagine .

So if i could do it again i would sleep / bath / read / sing / hop / swim/ anything but eat .

Hope that helps hun , stay strong you have come so far you can see it through imagine having to start from scratch like me all for 1 taste .

Good luck and take care x
ok bellybee

you have to get away from wherever you are pronto... move away from the situation and do something else and hopefully this will re-focus your mind. tell yourself that when you have done whatever you can then have something if you still feel the same. or if at 8 o'clock you still feel like this you can have something.... by that stage you will have drank loads more water and probably had another pack. i hope this was of some help it normally works for me

keep the pecker up girl you can do this

Gen xx
It's funny because I think that my worst days tend to be when I have forgotten to have my foodpacks. If I think I might have a bit of a hectic day ahead then I knock up 2 shakes (made with less water so it is a bit thicker) for breakfast.

I can manage 2 at a time and then by the evening If I have forgotten the foodpacks I only have 2 to catch up on.

I swear having the the foodpacks takes the edge of the difficult times for me :)
Ooo, I forgot to add my little bit of advice :rolleyes:

When I gave up smoking about 11 years ago I treated my adiction in 2 different ways.

1. I thought about the physical addiction of what my body actually needed.

2. I considered that the majority of my problem was actually the habit itself and this meant thinking about when and where I was vunerable and changing my lifestyle to take me out of those places/situations/times as much as posible until I felt stronger.

Considering the problems separately really worked for me because I know my weeknesses and not only that I could divide them up into smaller problems rather than one all encompassing insurmountable wall so it made me feel more in control. ;)

It might help you to deal with the here and now but I would certainly consider this to help you in future too.

I hope that this helps you. Failing that, put this post down to the ramblings of a nutter! :D
WELL DONE bb, you're doing great

Just a thought, never think of AAM as giving into cravings, you're NOT, but what you are doing is learning that really is :cool:

Thanks again that makes perfect sense I know what triggered today's craving was because fridays are always take away day and I am not working tomorrow so today is my Friday.
I normally get past this by watching a film with hubby with a frozen chopped up CD bar but I didn't have any today.
Oh well am getting there had my aam and my milkshake and am stuffed
Bellybee, i like dreams, they tell us so much about what is happening in our lives.

Getting sick, could be your fustration, and knowing that you want control over food. And getting sick, is possibly saying your body doesnt want this and doesnt need it!!

My mother likes to say that the brain only wants sugar. I would have to agree, and its a powerful organ to overcome!

Good luck, and stay strong!