Help me lose 4 stones in 6 months please

hey , im new here.
well my life story. and i hope this works. im not sure if im doing this properly though
but neways where shud i start?
oh ok.. well i was pretty much fat all my life. im a teen by the way.
it was puppy fat back then. i guess i knew i was fat still though i didnt care. and i guess my aunties didnt exactly hide it from me. on and on about it! thats why i hate them. but though one of them was fat herself. so why shud she comment?

i had a time when i lost weight. i was happy. but for last couple of months my weight made me unhappy. the aunty tht teased me has gone on a diet and is aloooooot skinnier. loads. and people stop complimenting me on my weight. my close aunty told me i was putting on weight, though i dnt care it didnt hurt much as shes close to me.

but i dont no why , i felt fatter. nd i no i was. my mom was on about my weight. i was hating it too. we planned to diet together. it neva started. but now its horrible. i h8 it, i weigh 11 and a 1/2 stones. and heavier than my age. alooot. i no im not 18 yet. though i know if i dnt loose it now i never will.
my aunty mite get married. (the one dieting) though we dont no yet. but i no its not far off. thts not the big reason. i want to be healthy. I get tired out too easily and PE is a challenge. One of the worst reasons… next year sum time my weight will be shown in front of my whole science class. They are idiots. And will make fun.

I don’t get bullied. Not even for my weight. But I’ll be dead embarrassed and they’ll snigger. I have plastics in my science class(u’ll understand if uve wtched “mean girls”)
The teacher wont let me off. Thts a fact. Even if he does then the class will laugh.
My friend , In the above year told me this. And im dreading it. I want to loose weight. As much as I can. 4 stones. that’s all I ask.
It will b hard the first month. But I feel it will become easier as I get use to it. And I hope it becomes a life style. I also believe I will become less self conscious. So I can give my best and not care bout my floppy tummy. Trust me I will. My aunty says she does and shes in her early twenties.

Neways. I hope I can get some decent advise. Ive searched the internet. And have found nothing. And everyone seems so friendly on this site so I joined it.
I need your help
I need something I can do for 6 months. I need some help so please. Im desperate and you all can help me.
I have a lateral thigh trainer. Second hand though. I will be willing to use it 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. But its really hard so can u say some other sort of exercise.
I have no money. don’t work. Not till im allowed. So I cant buy any pills or gym or slim fast or swimming and stuff. I never planned to go on pills. I never will. Too much money and god sake I have a life.
I don’t want to run in front of public. And park is filled with greebo’s and drunk and gets dark to easy. So its off limits. Home. Thts it. I dunno simple workouts?
Sorry for the veeeeeeeery long message but I need help. Please Help me lose 4 stones in 6 months. I will be grateful it it works. I may even show before and after pics. Thankyou again.
Neone in this sort of position too?
Thanks again

Ps: i hate being thought as the fat friend. guys tht i like dnt even give me a second glance. so i decided. after ur help. i'll send everyboy straight. ignore. no flirting. just normal talking. my friends flirt with boi's, i want to be independent. like my name. i will wait till i get married. until then just friends, they wont expect me to flirt back, if they dont say hi to me nw then i wont say hi to them in 6 months time. im serious. just the good friends of mine that r bois tht talk nw to me.
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Ok Hi there.

First of all a few things - would you mind writing your subsequent posts in full English please? (it's just me and maybe some of the older ones on here may find the text talk hard to decipher ;) )

How old are you? 17? And what's your height?
The science class thing - are you sure you are obligated to give your weight? I was trained as a teacher about 4 years ago (in a different job now) but I remember the schools I worked at had a policy of never using 'real' weight data from the class - if the maths teacher for example wanted to use a range of weights they would make them up rather than asking the pupils - for the very reason of wanting not to embarrass the students. So if you are terribly concerned about it I feel you should write a letter to the head of 6th form (or whatever year you are in) and ask that random weights are used instead of 'real life' ones. They should take this concern seriously if you approach them in a mature and level headed way.

So, your weight then. If you are 11 and a half stone now and you want to lose 4 stone then you want to be 7 and a half stone? I take it then that you are really very short? If you are of average height I would recommend 1 and a half to 2 stone being a more suitable weight loss goal - please please please do not attempt to diet to become a size 0! Women at that size are either a) naturally built in that way and are often that size all of their lives and rarely have to diet to become that size or b) on a diet regime that creates an unhealthy imbalance in their bodies which could develop into an eating disorder.
I know at your age that many women feel that they are overweight and therefore unattractive if they are not a pile of bones but the truth is that men like a bit of flesh on their women too. Some men will prefer the very skinny ladies, others will prefer larger ones, and most will prefer something in the middle. I would use a BMI chart as an indicator of your healthy weight range but then also take other factors into account like whether your parents are 'big build' or how muscley you are. If you are from a family of muscley/bigger build people then chose a weight at the higher range of the healthy BMI (say 23/24) or if you come from a tradition of slight and petite women then perhaps chose a lower one (20/21 perhaps).

Do you specifically want to follow the Slimming World plan? If you do I would suggest going online and finding your most convenient group - if you are concerned about the money you could just go the once (costs less than a tenner) and get all the books and have the plan explained to you and then go solo with it. This site has lots of good advice. What kind of food do you like eating and do you cook for yourself/have someone cook for you or live on ready meals or takeaways? SW fits really well into your life (unless you really are eating takeaways every night then I guess that wouldn't fit in so well ;) but you know what I mean).

I would recommend getting the books and really understanding the plan - it is a great diet because it is not about restricting the amount of food you eat. Are you typically a hungry person? Do you eat at the school canteen each day or take a lunch with you? Do you like to snack a lot? Do you have a dietry needs e.g a vegetarian? The answers to all these things will affect how you appproach the plan.



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Hi there Miss...

Well first thing I have to say to you is well done!! You have made the frist step by joining us all here... we all know how hard it is to admit that we need to loose weight and then willing to do something about it.

The Slimming World plan is easy to follow... but as Emerald mentioned... do you cook for yourself? Or do your parents do this? Are they willing to adjust their shopping list for you... I really do hope so.

You do need a copy of the plan... and as for advice ... you will always get full support and info from all of us here.

I also agree that 4 stone would be far too much to loose for someone so young and you will probably find that 2 stone would put you in that category that you want to be in.

As for the class... you can speak to your teacher about this and tell them how upset you are about this and what you have been told and you would like to be assured that this isn't going to happen. As Emerald says as she is a teacher.. I also... it would be very wrong of them to take these details from you and you have a right to say no... but like you said.. this then puts you in another situation which I feel the teachers have no right to put you in. So sort it first before the class comes around.

As for exercise... your trainer will be brilliant... also walk more.. get mp3 player and put a time limit of songs on there and step up and down the first step of your stairs.. this will help to build cardio.

Now I had a thought... you could go to your gp and talk to them... they can refer you and pay for some of your classes or give you vouchers to join SW.. so may be worth that...

We have little groups here who aim for set amounts each month and that really helps... we all have our own weigh in days and then leave it on the thread how much we have lost that week... and hope to reach our goal that month.

It can be done Miss... I put for 9lb loss in November and lost 14.5 lb!

Just remember decide what you want to do... get yourself a plan ... plan your meals ahead.. lots of water... veg .. fruit and us for support... your half way there! Remember you will get your good days with your bad... and that is what we are all here for.

Good luck Miss and really hope to be hearing of your losses soon.

Take care x


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S: 16st8lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.02%)
I agree with everything emerald and treats say. Sw have a plan that works, no food is off limits and it is all good filling healthy food. I would check with your teacher about the weight thing as i can't imagine that a teacher would do this. If they are going to use real weights from pupils, i would ask if he wouldn't if i were you. Just say it will make you uncomfortable.

I personally think that 4 stone in 6 months sounds very ambitious, as you need to take your height and everything into consideration. I know we all want a quick fix but honestly if it comes off at 1-2lbs a week it has more chance of staying off in the long run.

Good luck and keep posting hun, let us know how you are getting on x
thankyou for your support. sorry for the text language.
you see. and i realise i havent said so as i have written alot. ive visited the doctor. they said for my height (5ft 4) my average weight is around 8 stones. or something im sorry i cant remember. therefore i guess 3 1/2 stone is good enough. the doctor advised me to eat healthier. he knows i am young(sorry i prefer not to say my age) but mentioned i am obese for it. he didnt say i need to go on a urgent diet. though it was pretty obvious. he recommended to eat healthy and to diet at least for half an hour a day and recommended swimming. however, for religious purposes , i just cant swim. Gym? no way, i beg my mum to buy me a cheap treadmill, she says that if i listen to the doctor and eat healthy then i will natrually lose weight.
the school weight thing. after reading everyones comment. has been sorted in my head. when the time comes i will mentioned how i feel to the teacher.
i just need to lose weight. yet because i am underage, for some reason the doctor just said to eat healthy and excercise. that is no help for me.

Emerald... trust me. i never want to be a size zero.i want to become a size 8. zero is anorexic. i hate it. no curves and i hate it when people are just too skinny.
i never ever had a intention to become size zero. i dont want to be tarty(sorry im not sure if i should say that) or a model. due to my religion again, i have to cover up. so dont worry about me turning anorexic. im not the kind that plans to wear mini skirts.

the biggest reason not to be a size zero is my friend. she was around my age and plump. shorter than me. 5 ft 1? 5 ft. im not sure. but alot shorter when i stand next to her. anyways at the age of 13 i think.. her father died. if he survived im guessing he would be around 70 now. and he wasnt in britian for a long time so you can see why. anyways she never liked her weight. over stress, she starved herself. she ate very little , survived on water and chappati(like a flour based pancake-i think) and her mother was sad. she visited the dietician god know's how many times a month. she fighted with her mom and was moody. she even hit her mum but she was defenseless as her mother couldn't touch her.
shes back to normal. and now is her healthy weight. i mention to her i want to lose weight. she says eat healthy- like the doctor:(
she said never starve yourself. its horrible , unhealthy. shes put me of the idea.

so please i dont want to become a skinny anorexic size zero. i wouldn't be able to survive. i just need help. my doctor said to try lose as much as i can. thinking i'll lose a pound a month. i want to prove him wrong. he know's i eat whenever. even if im not hungry. but the thing is. i want to be healthy and i dont want to stay obese. i dont care how i look. i just want help. i dont want to die young. i dont want health problems. i want to lose weight and stay confident.
please everyone understand. thankyou for your time.


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By all means set yourself a target of losing 3.5 stones if thats what you want but dont put time restraints on it. Ive found any time I do that I struggle, and then all I can focus on is Im failing at my target, and over looking the fact I HAVE lost weight.

Theres a danger if you set yourself a target of 3.5 in 6 months, if you only lose 2 stones youll be disappointed instead of being delighted with what youve achieved. Its such a psychological thing :)

Good luck with SW, Im sure you'll love it :)
can i just say? that as everyone has mentioned. 2lbs is the maximum amount i should lose in a week. i no that my doctor has mentioned that. i think 3 1/2 stones in 6 months is really good choice.i'll explain why...

1 week equals= 2lbs
4 weeks in a month = 8lbs
month- 8lbs... so 2 months = 16lbs
double that - four months = 32 lbs
add 2 months and four months(six months) =48lbs
thats nearly 3 and a 1/2 stones.

so i am being realistic about my goal. unlike losers online saying how can i lose 30lbs in a month. now thats unrealistic and dangerous.

i have used a online site that my friends doctor recommeded to her and it gave me 6 months and a couple of days to lose 6 stones. but thats only if i lose 2lbs a week and drink eight glasses of water which is recommeded. but it doesnt help me about when to eat. how many meals i should it, when i should it them. and like nice ideas on how to keep myself motivated. thats why i have joined here.

ps: answers to questions being asked =

Emerald ... i am 5ft 4
the science class. i asked my older friend who is a year older than the friend that told me. she told me she didnt want to show her weight so she didnt. but i am sure you do it so im not as worried.
i want to be around 8 stones.
my mum cooks for me.
i dont have takeaways. rarely even. but i have school dinners which is most of the time jacket potatoes and beans.
me and my mother wanted to join slimming world but have decided not to because my mum has to look after my brothers and my dad is at work so we can't go.
i'm not a hungry person. the problem with me is that...
i eat all the time. i don't know i literally have to control. what i hope to do is eat when im hungry and when i eat , eat smaller portions. its not working and i wish for help. or support. if other than my friend who is skinnier than me but not her average weight, i dont have much people to talk about weight to. thats why i joined this site. my friend who lost loads of weight by starving hates talking about it and says i look beautiful though shes only saying it because im younger than her and she doesnt want to go through what i have.
my other friends are natrually skinny and they just muck about. one friend knows shes fat but doesnt care and says i have a few more years for being single so why should i starve now.
so i would love support from people going through the same thing as me. my friend who does talk about it, we arent alone that much so its hard for a third person to hear.
im half vegetarian. i eat chicken, lamb and a bit of fish. when i say half im not ALLOWED to eat pork or bacon or stuff like that. it has to be halal.
i guess i do snack. i dont know why.
thankyou and reply back please emerald.

thankyou im glad i have joined this too and have found support like all you people :)
my mother cooks for the whole family. family of 6.
thankyou for being supportive :D i dont think i want a plan though i mentioned it. i just want help.
thankyou for cardio. i dont have a MP3. it broke and i didnt know how to use it. but i have a MP3 on my mobile thats the same just bigger and alot slimmer.
thankyou for reading my post.
ps: sorry my name is Nikki. i just used MissIndependent as i like the song by Ne-Yo.
and yes thankyou. i will join in those monthly/weekly weigh in. i think they are brilliant

thankyou bettylollypop. as you have no questions thankyou for the support and i too agree with Emerald and treats. thanks again

all three of you. thankyou for your time and please write back after seeing my new comments as they may change your opinion
ps: how do you get a ticker thing on your page. i have one but dont no hw to show it.


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Thats true but youll probably find the average is 1 - 2lbs a week, not many people are fortunate enough to have a steady 2lbs a week loss. As upi said yourself thats the MAXIMUM expected. Even sticking rigidly to a diet you can have weeks you sts, and totm week can be a nightmare. You will definitely manage the weight loss but just dont get too disheartened if it takes a bit longer than planned thats all :)
thanyou starlight lol. i do realise that 2lbs a week will be hard. but i plan to lose a little weight and when i get use to it i feel i will lose me. i wont be dissapointed if i dont lose as much weight by the end of the 6 months than i wanted but even if one stone i will be happy and continue. i know i will slip once in a while but i am willing to try
ps: im not doing SW i was suppose to but i cant. you know starlight you are absouloutely right. if i have a time limit then i wont be proud if i lose 2 stones which i should be proud of.thankyou for pointing this out. i seriously needed to think about that. thankyou :)
this is the support i want .thanks agian


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Hi again miss.

When you mention a plan.. this is what your life is... life is a plan and you have to put into place what you want it to be. And at the moment you wish to loose weight.. so this is your plan....

You need to organise yourself ... arrange your meals... breakfast.. always a must.. it is to kick start your metabolism... you wouldn't run a car without petrol etc would you! So you need a good healthy breakfast. You do sound young so I would also suggest that you snack on veg and fruit if you feel the need throughout the day or between meals.

Lunch and then your dinner should also be planned and something to look forward to... do not leave it till the last moment as this will tempt you to pick and eat the wrong things. So this is a plan isn't it?

Exercise well you don't need to have a treadmill.. you can walk as often as you can and like and this is good for the body and good for the mind.

Now something you touched on made me think... you mention your friends. You do have to realise that everyone is different... we are all individual and that each person has their own make-up... as in your friends may be skinny as you put it.. but it doesn't mean that they are healthy. You need to find a happy balance with yourself and NOT what others are expecting you to be like or look like... be it for your friends or to catch a boy! People have to love and like you for who you are not for what you could be or will be.

Water is brilliant for the body.. your vital organs.. concentration and flushing out the system.. so it does do you good even though you don't always feel it.

If you choose to drink water when you eat.. then try to drink it luke warm as otherwise it will slow down your digestion of food. Example... foods that contain fat are warmed by the body and digested.. if you throw cold water on that or a cold drink.. it then solidifies the fats and then the body has to break them down again to digest. So to aid smooth digestion... warm is better.

There is so much help here and we are all here for you... you have a reasonable sort of idea what you wish to loose and as star says.. every week will be different. But you must also expect that not everyone is going to be a size 8 or 10 or 12. The average size in the uk is now actually 16 ... not saying that you should be this or are.. But what I think I am trying to say is... do not try to conform to standards... you are you and being you is what makes you beautiful... so take one step at a time.. do your exercises... ask your questions... eat healthy and stay positive... try to avoid people who are going to give you a negative attitude towards you and what you are trying to do for yourself.

I do hope that I put that across right!


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Oh... well good luck with your loss and if you are a 12.. then I don't think it would be good you lose too much!!


soon to be skinny minnie
S: 16st8lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.02%)
Good luck with your weightloss, i agree with treats, if you are size 12 don't lose too much, i would love to be a 12 x