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HELP ME :-) Newbie post


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Hiya everyone I am new here & in desperate need of inspiration.
I have done Lipotrim before but for the past year have just played with it & basically not lost an ounce :-( BUT I have just had my weekend binge & tomorrow is D Day lol. I have made the whole family swear they will tie me up if I reach for food lol.
I have to do this as I was supposed to go out on Friday night & ended up in tears at work & unable to go due to the fact I am FAT & UGLY :-( So here's to getting THIN & SEXY!!!!
Oh, nearly forgot, my Name is Niki I am 35, Mum to 4 kids, work part time, attend college part time & have a hubby who bless him isnt too encouraging where weight loss is concerned.
I weigh 17st 6.5 & am 5'6" tall so am in the Obese range. I did lose 2 stone on Lipo last year and am being realistic & heading for 14stone initially.
Looking forward to getting to know you all on this mad roller coaster ride :)

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rainbow brite

Hello Niki! Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll find this forum supportive, though those words are a little redundant as I know you will - all of the guys and girls here are stars in their own rights and are so friendly and supportive!

Good luck with starting tomorrow, and don't fear, I know exactly how you feel when you say you burst into tears for feeling fat and ugly. We'll all be with you on the journey that you take towards becoming slim and gorgeous!

~Gem xx


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Welcome Niki!! Well you have the low and I think you have to before you can start LT with any enthusiasm. Remember how you felt when you were in tears because you felt fat and ugly. Keep that in your head and every time you feel weak think of that! Maybe even tonight write down why you want to do this and why you would like to be slim and then read that any time you feel low. You HAVE to break they cycle of starting a diet on a monday and finishing it on a wed.

But this site is great for support so log on and keep chatting! We will be here for you! You CAN do this! 3 stone isn't a huge amount. 2 months of hard graft or thereabouts and it will be gone.


Glug Glug Glug

Good luck on your LT journey! I start tomorrow too, you nervous or rearing to go?
(Lol i also know how you feel about the "fat and ugly" thing, isnt fun)
Hiya, welcome to this forum. i am just into my second week and these guys have really helped. you are lucky you have the support of family, cos many people on here havent told a soul.. So it may be good to share with them the reasons you want to shed the weight, they can support you to reach your goals.

I havent written my reasons down. everytime i feel weak, i think about how i would feel if i gave up, how it will feel for my friends to tell me how good i look (instead of saying i have a pretty face). How nice it would be not to haveto squeeze into an airline chair and have the fat fight for space.. and finally how good it will feel to feel relaxed with my new boyfriend, instead of thinking that he thinks i am a fatty and will leave me as soon as a skinny mini comes by. It may not be tru, but its about gaining the self confidence.

Good luck with your journey, and just think in a couple of months you will look back and think wow!

Welcome Niki.

I know how you feel, I won't have a full length mirror in the house coz I hate to see myself - shop window reflections are bad enough. All my friends are slim so nights out were always difficult. BUT, that is what keeps me strong and makes me stick to it. I don't want to be the "fat friend" or my mothers "fat daughter" (which is how she has refered to me in the past!) So far I have managed to lose quite a bit, although I have a long way to go.

What is important, and you've done LT before so you'll know this, is that you never cheat and you drink plenty of water.

Good luck. Come on here whenever you need to as there will always be someone around to help you through.

hiya fellow west yorkshirite good luck tomorrow and ya can do it your a yorkshire lass and we are made of sterner stuff so keep off the food and on the shakes and keep drinkin that water !!!!


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hi nikki,
welcome to the forum again,like yourself i will be restarting lipotrim tomo and am a bit nrevous but we can support eachother,if you need help or advise you can priv mail me.and chin up,you l feel great when you start to shed the pounds and i doubt very much your ugly...:D

hi i am da same as urself started b4 an just gave up starting again 2 morro hopefully i can stick 2 it i am goin on holidays in august wit my cousin an sister an dey ar so thin dont want 2 b da big 1 again this year :(:(:(


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Welcome to the site Niki :D

I think most of us have felt how you do. Great thing is that you decided to join us ,in a community where you can access tons of support and read about people who have and are experiencing similar things.

You're not alone. Welcome to Minimins :)
welcome Niki, this is the right place to come for help, support and inspiration

wishing you lots of luck on your LT journey, remember to keep glugging that water and if you feel down log on here its great! x
Welcome Niki and hope you do really well on your LT journey. It's all been said above but everyone on here is really friendly and helpful so any problems, post a thread and we will try and help. Keep drinking water and glugging those shakes and the pounds will fall off! Good luck hun. x
Thanks :)
I was struggling for a min so logged on & here is 11 replies :)
All so supportive.
Gonna be a regular here I think
Thanks Sara
You are doing FANTASTIC :)
I will be regular on here I think lol
Thanks hun
I am raring to go but was just having a moment so I logged on & here are loadsa replies. I think this board will keep me on the straight & narrow :) Good luck
Thanks Kandi
I just worry my hubby will go to grab my boob & hit a role of fat instead lol
I love this board already, its so inspirational to see all teh vast weight loss
Wow you are all doing great & thanks for the welcome its very much appreciated :)
Flagging a bit so logged on & wow what an inspiration :)
You are doing great & it really has made me stop thinking of that food as soon as I logged on & saw all my replies :)
Thanks Jenny
Hows it going for you? Have you been off it a while? I have just messed about for teh past year so today is the day. Was feeling a bit poo but logged on & this forum is great !!!
Good luck Mona, I think this forum will see us through & we will both be thin this summer :)

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