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Help me outtt!

I'm currently 17 years old, and weigh 85 kg which is about 187lbs. I'm obese, plain and simple and I want to do something about it so..

I started to exercise about 3 days ago, and since then have done 45 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike.
I put in moderate effort, on the third day I couldn't do much past 40 minutes (I could push myself to go to 45 but I didn't want to stress my legs out, maybe this is was because the night before I exercised at about half 11 till half 12(at night), and my body is still recoperating as I exercised at half 11 the next day(in the morning)).

I know that exercising everyday is better, but is 5 days fine? Or would it be better to lose weight by exercising every day for 45 minutes. I read that exercising everyday can strain your muscles if you do the same exercise (in my case a stationary bike which works the legs, so ligaments etc? :s)

I calculated that I would burn off 350-450 calories by exercising on my stationary bike for 45 minutes, so what I don't understand is If I eat 1500ish calories a day, how would just burning off 400 make me lose weight, wouldn't I need to lose more than 1500 a day? Can anyone explain this to me? Can anyone give me an insight of how much I would need to exercise to lose weight?

Lastly, about the diet part, this is a typical day from now on, is it healthy enough? I'm obiviously going to cut off from chocolates etc,

-Cornflakes or Crunchynut & Semi-Skimmed milk

-Baked potato with grated cheese & half a tin of sweetcorn
Brown pasta with plain dulmio sauce

-1 Banana
-1 Apple
Won't eat all snacks..only if im hungry.

-Dry chicken roasted in the oven covered(2 fillets worth, says 1 fillet is 197 calories, so 2 is about 400).

Strawberry Muller yoghurt (97 calories)

Is that healthy? What improvements could you make, can you reccomend anything healthier? I hate all seafood, nuts, mainly all the good things for me haha :(
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1500 calories is the recommended guideline for what it take for the human body to run on a daily basis. When you diet you cut the calories from food so your body burns the calories from the fat in the body, hence the loss in weight :).

If you are suffering from fatigue to the point where you are struggling to exercise the next day, you need to cut it down a bit and start developing your muscles to take the strain. For example start doing 20-30 minutes a day and work up from there. High esteem and motivation is half as important as the exercise because you need to maintain it.

Your meal plan sounds good. A little tip though, try and consume all your carbohydrates early on in the day as they turn to fat when not exercising (sleeping).

Some people get disheartened when they lose weight but don't see results round the stomach area. I found that doing sit-ups or crunches will tighten the muscles round the stomach, tucking the fat in.

Hope this helps and good luck :)
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I don't think you sound as though you're going about this in a particularly healthy way. Wouldn't have thought that 1500 is enough calories considering the exercise you're doing. And also if you're exercising loads late on just before bed you won't be giving your body time to recover.

Personally i worry that your diet is so restrictive thats you're not going to be able to keep it up. Or the danger I suppose is that you could become obsessive about it. We are given daily recommended calorie intakes partly because ifwe really restrict this our bodies go into starvation mode and will cling on to anything we eat. Thats why people who go on crash diets often pile it all back on afterwards.

Chatting to your GP could be a good start for some advice. You can also see the nurse to get weighed if this would spurr you on x

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