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Help Me Please! -Journery 2 - Lou Lou's CD Diary

Hi all!

My name is Louise and I am 27, you might call me a serial dieter........Hey, you could even say 'Cereal' dieter because as well as Cabbage Soup, Atkins, Weight Watchers and Maple Syrup I even tried living on cereal for a week or 2. Anything and everything to shift those excess pounds!
How did this all start? Well I was very lucky up to the age of 18 - Eat what I like, drink as much beer as I like....then go to a club and dance the night away. Then I settled into a relationship and got comfy and content - out went the dancing and mini skirts and in came Take-aways in front of a good film and an ever increasing in size, pair of un attractive jogging bottoms to accomondate my rear!!!
This 6 year relationship fizzled out and then I decided to find a new man! Hmmmmm but who wants to date a fatty? No-one, so then I found myself sitting in room with some other buxom ladies all discussing our 'emotions' and 'triggers' and who we aspired to be etc...and I was leaving that room with my weight written in a little book (14 stone 7lb) :eek: and a bag to take away that had a whole weeks worth of food in it! 21 Packs - a mixture of soups and shakes. So my Lighter Life journey had begun, I did very well and lost 2 1/2 stone altogether and when I was in the 12's I got togther with my now fiance, ironically he was somebody whom I met when I was larger and he had liked me then...Any way - he loved the new me (although he did comment to me once about what sort of toothbrush I use - his polite way of saying that my breath was rancid, before he knew what Ketosis was) So I stayed on it for a while and then we went away together and I came off it! And started to enjoy being with H2B, we were able to go out - I could cook for him, Share a bottle of wine etc.... It was bliss.....a year into our relationship I was back up to 14 stone and thinking 'oh dear'
To cut a long story short - we got engaged, moved in together and have set a date for our wedding. 18th October 2008 (8 wks time).
I went to a Christmas party with H2B and some freinds took our photo (as they do) December 2007, I took one look and promptly cried, I could not believe what I was seeing. Horrified by this, I vowed to loose weight for my wedding photos and then made a firm decsion to start back at Lighter Life after christmas and get myself enough time to loose a lot of weight! Then I disovered CD - and hey guys! Its cheaper, so I waddled to the diet centre at the end of my road (I know, how convinient) and weighed in at a whopping 15stone 7lbs. I was mortified, this was 2nd February 2008, by 5th May 2008 I was 11stone 11lbs after 12 solid weeks of SS and not an once of anything else. I came of it then for personal reasons, vowing to not put it on like I had last time ( I had a wedding dress to get into after all - a real goal - a reason) Did that stop me, no, I am a helpless cause and I weighed myself on my Wii fit last week, only to find that I was back up to 13stone 7 lbs. Guess what? Yes...thats right, back to CD- Only this time - I know I have to do it for the full 8 wks upto the wedding and I need some support....So come on guys and gals!!! Spur me on...encourage me....and help me to be the beautiful bride I have always dreamed of being!

Sorry that it is a long thread but I wanted you all to know me before you read my diary!

Thanks x x x x x x x x
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This is the last time!!
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Wow, waht a great first entry into your diary.
You can do this, you have a fabulous goal, it'll be so worth it. I've dropped 35lbs in 8 weeks....gone from busting out of a 22 to smoothly fitting an 18, so at the end of your 8 weeks you could be where you want to be...I still have a way to go yet, I can only dream of being in the 13 stones at the mo lol, let alone the 11's
But, this forum is amazing, whenever I feel like eating or feel fed up, I come on here and see how amazingly well others have done and it spurs me on.
Best of luck, you CAN do it xxxxxxxxxxx
Days 1,2, 3 and 4 in Lou's Journey

Well...what can I say? Day 1 was as dreadful as I remember, headaches, dizzy, tired, shivers, hunger pangs the lot. It was awful - I got up and went to work for 7.30am, drank 3 litres before 11.30am and went to the loo about 15 times (I am sure that you loose weight weight by running up and down stairs to the loo and shaking you shakes, this ketosis thing isn't true, it just sounds good) ;)
Anyway...I then had my shakes throughout the day, getting home and actually looking foward to having my last one at home, not because they taste delightful but because I was blooming starving and they are my only food!
I then came straight up to my computer, where I stayed until bed time (a pathetic 10.00 as I was soooooo tired) That was day 1 over....phew..I made it.
Day 2 was dire - but my tummy already felt flatter and I was very proud that I had lastest a whole day :D
Much the same in routine as day 1- so I wont bore you with my ramblings! Oh and H2B cooked himself a dinner that looked sooo lovely I nearly cheated and ate some! But didn't
Day 3 - was the worst so far!!! My goodness was I hungry - my stomach was growling so loud that people at work thought I was passing wind! My breath was so deadly that I am considering bottling it and selling it as a chemical weapon! Lol Not pleasant and to top it all off, along came TOTM. Why is my body so cruel (talk about test me) I spent the whole day craving chocolate and crisps and wanted to die! Then I stepped on my WII Fit! (just to see) and I had lost 5lbs! Bring on the skinny! I decided to draw a close on day 3 and go to bed, where I couldn't see any Marks and Spencer adverts (bloody things) and could dream wedding things!
Day 4 - will continue in a bit....I am off to watch X-Factor!!! x


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Just as a little encouragement: My niece lost a stunning 37,4 lbs in six weeks, also for her wedding. And if she can do it, you certainly can too! :D

LOL, love your diary :)
I'm really tired as well. My husband is trilled I finally go to bed together with him, because normally I tell him:"I'll be right there, dear" and join him two hours later :D


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I am on day 4 as well. I don't feel hungry or ratty or any different actually except I went to the loo 31 times today so far!!! I just hope I've lost something significant in my first week.


Great diary MissBliss27 - I'm sure you can lose loads by 18 October and be that fabulous bride you dream of - eyes on the prize!

Angela - 31 times OMG that's mental, but great exercise lol I don't bother counting, but I'm sure it's a lot.....thank goodness I've a downstairs loo.
Good luck, just keep thinking of your special day x
heya, welcome to minimins. that was some long post!!!!! you have done it before and you will do it again day 4 yayy nearly a week go you :) just keep thinking about your big day hun :) :)


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Hi Louise, your a great character..your gonna do brilliant. We're all here for ya :D
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Hi Louise and welcome to the best place to be!!!! :D

Lacey..xx :)
Day 4 continued......

Well firstly I would like to thanks you all soooooo much for already replying and giving me some well needed encouragement. You are all truly, truly wonderful!
Day 4 after X-Factor did not really get any better - I kind of avioded food and tried to ignore H2B eating a battered sausage and chips in front of me! :mad: Not easy!!!
I poured some fizzy water into a wine glass so that I would feel as though I was having some wine! It didn't work, but nevermind I had made it to Day 4 without so much as a sniff of any thing non CD. H2B was measured for his wedding suit today so that is quite exciting and I keep having to bear all this wedding lark in mind as I am staring longingly at the melt in the middle chocolate puds in the fridge.....Bed at 11.30- its getting later, so I must be feeling better x (If I keep saying it I mught beleive it eh! )


Cambridge Counsellor
Well done you! That's more thanhalf of the first week done! And you know that once the first week is over with and you have your first weigh in, it all just gets so much easier...
Day 5

Well I got up at very lazy 10.00 and slouched in the sofa with a bacon Sarnie and a gorgeous cut of hot chocolate........then I woke up and realised that I was actually still in bed and instead I was soon downstairs drinking Black Coffee and not eating anything at all. I sank about a litre of water and then I got ready to go out - H2B wanted to go to Ashford to buy some more fish for our new tank- we did this and all the while I am walking around looking I am thinking 'god, that food smells nice' 'hmmm whats that smell? egg and chips' when actually it was some medicore cafe in the garden centre and it actually smelt like school dinners, sad ho edsperate you get isn't it? :sigh:
We then had to pop into sainsburys and I was sent in in on my own to get the shopping as H2B ahtes supermarkets anyway and saw the fact that he had fish in a bag as an excuse not to go in....So off I go with my trolley just to get ingrediants to make Pie for dinner, My best mate and bridesmaid Amy was coming round to joinn us for dinner as her other half is at the Reading festival. Anyway I end up coming out with Pie ingrediants plus a lot of stuff that I didnt really need to buy. Is it just me or when you are doing this diet, if there is something that you want or like the look of, you have to buy it for someone else. I came out with Soft fluffy white bread, 2 rocky road desserts, kit kats, choclate cake bars, bacon frazzles, Chicken, Bacon and sweetcron sandwich filler to name but a few... Why do we do this to ourselves....Any how then it was time to go home.
I played on the sims for a bit and then started to make dinner - Chiken and Ham pie (all my own recipe made from scratch, and to die for) with carrots, green beans and brocolli and I served it up to a 'hungry' Amy and H2B - HUNGRY! dont even get me started, they cleared their plates and still had room for those Rocky Road desserts!!! Little piglets x (just jealous) I, however, drank a delightful Toffee and Walnut shake and then another 2 litres of fizzy water. Then it was back on the sims to take my mind off it! I am feeling better though - just a bit, well.....angry, that other people can eat and I cant. Still...Day 5 done and 2 more to go until weigh in....Keep that encouragement coming guys! I am needing it x x x


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:giggle: what you trying to do, make your H2B fat whilst you get slim :giggle: I have to skim fast over all your food descriptions :giggle: glad to hear you stayed strong, your stronger than me, my way is to avoid food as much as possible ;)


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S: 14st0lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.53%)
Weird that I never cook. Hubs is away from last Thursday - my day 2 until tomorrow - my day 6 and I've cooked for my girls and that has actually helped me.
Day 6 and Day 7 - WEIGH IN!!!!!!

First off - sorry that I wasn't on yesterday. I had a very average Bank Holiday, normally H2B and I would have gone out for lunch or maybe had a take - away and a movie but instead we went for a drive and tthen I played on the Sims again! (its becoming very addctive because It passes so much time!) I can safely say though that I feel okay and I didn't really think about food a great deal today!
Day 7 - FIRST WEIGH IN! I started off my day making H2B lunch - and sooo desperatley wanted to be taking that to work with me....but alas....instead in went my Banana milkshake-although I do really like these a lot!
Work was okay! Drank 3 litres of stil water during the day and will drink 2 litres of fizzy tonight. Then...went for my first weigh in........and..........I LOST 11LBS! AND 6 AND A HALF INCHES ALL OVER!!!! :p -See, now I remember why I love this crazy diet soooooo much. That feeling when you get on the scales is incredible - and it was such a proud moment for me x I have also been given bars for this week and I find that prospect quite exciting x
I do need some help though - I am going to an itallian on Friday and eating is unavoidable but I really really dont want to put any weight on - Any advice what I should eat - I cant ask my counsellor because she will say that I shouldn't eat at all! x x Hope to hear from some of you soon - Thanks for the support so far guys!!! x x x x 1 WEEK DONE!!!
Well done on 11lbs off - that's incredible!!! I've no advice on the Italian though, sorry - don't go to Italians that much......if you can find white meat and green veg on the menu, that's the safest (and no wine!).

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