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Help me please!!

Yesterday was my Dads 50th Birthday, and this evening he is coming round. Me and my partner decided to put on a mini spread for him, and I just made up 2 plates of sandwiches, yummy ones too, with those asda sandwich filler, one plate of egg and bacon and the other cheese and pickle... I will also cook 2 pizzas in a bit and garlic bread. I have chopped some cucumber sticks, and got some cottage cheese. I will also be making us all some SW friendly KFC, Which may I add I have never made before, so may turn out terrible :eek:

I just feel like I am going to be missing out on all the fat yummy scrummy foods... Oh and just to add to it my Dad is a chocoholic and we bought him a big tub of Heroes which will no doubt be shared about after.

I'm on an Extra Easy day, but have got to eat more fruit and veg as all I had for lunch was a bag of savoury rice. :(

Any ideas of anything to make or do that will make me feel less left out :)
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If you would have had more time you probably could have made the SW pizza from scratch. I'd just stick to your SW friendly KFC chicken with the cucumber and cottage cheese and for dessert maybe melt one or 2 of the heroes in the microwave and use it as a fondue for your fruit. Look up the syn value first (EDIT- just looked it up and it's 2.5 syns for each one) as I'm not sure how many syns are in each. If there are any chocolates left over, give them to your dad and don't keep them at home :) Hope you enjoy your day.
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If you have the ingredients ( eggs, sweetner and cocoa powder) you could knock up Brit mums Squidgy chocolate cake,
Crudites of veg and blitz up cottage cheese and flavour( chives? onion? what ever) to make a dip
fruit salad for everyone
again of you have the stuff in, i make a pizza using potato rosti as a base then top with home made sauce and what ever topping you have and cheese from HEA?
Mmmm All these sound lovely! Thankyou.

*honey, How do you make your potato rosti base? it sounds delish!
Mmmm All these sound lovely! Thankyou.

*honey, How do you make your potato rosti base? it sounds delish!
Just grated potato, little salt added, squeeze all the liquid out, the put in a frying pan with fry light and press the grated potato in and fry until it starts to stick together, carefully then turn over and cook the other side, i then top with my tomato sauce and toppings and cheese and then under the grill to melt and brown cheese ( i make them in small indervidual size frying pans. I also use 28g FULL fat cheese as it melts and browns better, and 28g is plenty.
Is the best 'fake' pizza i have made.
I'm going to give this an attempt in a bit... Sounds nice. Thankyou.


Just doing it this time
I also make fake garlic bread nibbles - (better than having garlic bread but just as tasty) heb's for bread - cut out little discs with cookie cutters - after toasting the bread - rough up the end of the garlic cloves with a grater after peeling and rub all over the toasted discs - spray a few sprays of fry light and grill under a hot grill for a few seconds - love em.

could have made the quiche with lean bacon and onion and a half teaspoon of chilli flakes or powder and cottage cheese and 3 eggs - cook until cooked - delicious.

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