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Help me please..


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Hey guys,

I was referred to my new job by a friend of mine and the first thing my hubby asked was.. I hope she's going to split the referral fee she gets with you.

Now, I wouldn't have thought of that but it seems to be the norm. When I mentioned it on my first day a work when we we doing introductions people said the same thing then.

I haven't spoken about this to my friend who referred me, but what do you think? If I had referred her, I wouldn't have given her any money if I got any- why should I? But is this something that comes under some sort of hidden rule in society? Lol

I have a few ex colleagues who I've introduced the role too so wanted to know what the consensus was and I'm meeting this friend of mine tomorrow so should I mention it to her?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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No idea - not heard of referral fees for jobs. What kind of work is it??

Maybe she hasn't got the fee yet, or didn't even think about it.

Actually, one of the supply agencies I work for is supposed to give me an M&S voucher (not sure how much) when I recommend them to a friend and they register. I'm pretty sure a few of my mates contacted them after I said they were good, but maybe I was supposed to do a form or something. Is it that kind of thing?
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Never heard the like of it but then I am an ancient old crone and out of touch with such things.

I think it sounds dreadful being paid for referring someone for a job when jobs are so thin on the ground that there must be dozens of people looking for each job available and even worse that the recipient of the job would expect to share in any kind of financial reward.

We live in a crazy world, crazy times.............what happened to thank you being enough or even a drink in the pub after work.


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No, it's best leave it as it is and don't mention it - if she accepted a referral fee that is her business. If she wants to discuss with you, then that's fine, but I'd stay out of it unless you have a very good friendship xx
I have reffered people to mycompany before - i have never split the referral fee wirh them. I'm currently looking for a new job, and have been referred by a friend to her company - if i get the role i assume she'll get the referral fee & i'd never expect her to split it with me. Its no different thN when you get a job through a recruitmenr agency- they never give you a portion of their fee :)

Hope you enjoy the new job x


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Most companies have referral fees :) so their employees refer people who they know will do a good job.

Thanks for your advise guys :)

Roziee said:
Most companies have referral fees :) so their employees refer people who they know will do a good job.

Thanks for your advise guys :)

Correct. Also, its cheaper than using recruitment agencies usually. Though i once got £3k for referring someone, which seemed a bit excessive. Had a great holiday though :)
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It wasn't something I had ever come across until my daughter-in-law mentioned the she got referal fees when she worked for a nursing agency. Some where quite substantial as well. She made no mention of splitting the fee.
Sometimes referral fees are staged as well (once on joining, and then another part when the new ee completes probation!)

I think its her money tbh - and now you work there, get referring yourself so you can cash in on the lovely benefit!!! :D

Hope you are enjoying your new job! xxx
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I think referring someone is a risk as you never quite know how it will work and will it reflect on you if they're rubbish etc, so I reckon she's earned the money and the people you've spoken to are greedy *******!


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Lol thanks guys. I didn't say anything to her :) and I've referred a lot of people from my old job (people I know I'll be good at the role) so let's see what happens. The referral fees will be loveeeeely, but I do genuinely miss the people I used to work with so want them working with me again!

Loving the new job so far, no stress- love it!

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What job is it? Just being nosey lool...I've never heard of referral scheme before maybe its just certain industries! X
Some people do share but others don't and it doesn't sound as if she intends too ;) You have got the job and as they are thin on the ground nowadays thats a good thing so try and just enjoy it and not worry about the money :)
I always think this a bit with the SW free week thing when you get somebody to join its nice to get the free week but bit awks when they are having to pay up the membership and weeks fee etc!

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