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help me plzzzz!


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Ok i have been on slimming world 3 weeks tomorrow, i was doing ok but then i only lost half a pound last weds and not im getting weighed tonight but its star week and i just know i going to gain tonight!!! Im gonna feel all deflated all over again.....i need to lose 11lbs it doesnt sound a lot but to me it is!!! Plz help me words of wisdom needed.
Doesnt help when my friend got weighed last night and lost 4lbs!:cry::sigh::cry::sigh::cry:
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You might loose weight hun, you never know, it can happen! Dont be too disheartened if you dont, you will probably find you will have a better loss next week.
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hey hunny,

firstly i think you shoudl look at this as you only have 11 pounds to lose, which means you took control of your weight way before most of us did, i wish i'd only been 11 pounds heavier than needed, and though hmm.. i best do somthing about it now! lol..

11 pounds will come off in no time, but rush it and it'l go straight back on. I think you should allow atleast 16ish weeks to get it off. I think you'l do it sooner, and that'd be fab, but as you'v not got as much to loose im guessing next to my own weight loss now, as i dont have far to go now either. So i think.. dw about tonight, better to weigh and know, then not and carry on oblivious to any weight loss or gain, thats how we got here in the first place lol

relax, ims ure your fine.. and if not, its your star week so you know why. Try mixing it all up a bit to make it exciting food wise. and dont fret about your friend.. she may not lose anything next week and you might! all evens itself out in the end! x


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I got myself all worked up last week i spent an hour hating myself and drank a bottle of wine on an empty stomach then felt worse the dat after!! Dont want to get myself in that state again!!!


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Excellent advice Fern, Nicki don't get too stressed out, if it is your * week then your body will adjust and you will lose next week, just relax and enjoy this weight loss journey, it will come off in the end, good luck for tonight. X


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we all do it thinking we will gain and once it comes to weigh in we lose. hope your weigh in goes well hun fingers are crossed for you xxxxxxx


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1/2 a lb doesn't seem like much but its still 1/2 lb OFF not on so be proud of you small achievements as well as your big ones. Dont worry about what other people are doing they have different metabolisms to you and your friend might have more to loose then you which really does make the difference, if you have gained this week do you know why other then it being That week?


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YIPPEE!!! I only put on half a pound, was very happy with that!
So this morning i am back on and with full determination!!
Just had bran flakes with a banana and 2 extra light babybel and got eggs for dinner and chicken for tea, not decided what with yet tho, but im very very determined now!!!
11lbs here i come!

Mrs V

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See...all that worry over a little bit that will come off and more next week!
I can gain anything up to 7lbs on a star week, but the week after I loose it all again and more, so dont panic huni...just face the scales rather than run away...thats a slippery slope to get onto.

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