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Help me week 3 and stressed !!

ok I am desperatly needing some help.....
I am on my 3rd week lost 7lb so far which I know is good but a bit down on what i expected after starving myself for two weeks ! and watchin friends and family loose from 7-141b in their first week alone. Is this normal to be loosing weight so slow? I am finding that this is causing me to want to eat more and more as I feel and know I could of lost 7 pounds by eating healthy for two weeks. It all got a bit much and on sunday after weigh in i had 90 grams of chicken and one sliced carrott will this have kicked me out of ketosis ?? secondly how do u know if ur still in it without using the sticks?? also is it ok to eat a piece of chicken maybe once a week just otherwise i feel i wont last to long.... i have a friend who eats one ryvetia every day is this ok !!

thanks for the help !

Katie :confused::confused:
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Katie,
Take a deep breath hon .. you sound like your doing well, 7lbs off is good...Do you have a lot to lose?? Try not to think about what you would of been losing if you were on another diet as 7 lbs off is still 7lbs off!!! If you are having what you are supposed to it will come off. Is it totm or anything... I have never used to sticks as I am only having shakes and bars.. Are you doing ss or ss+?

Stay positive you can do it!!!.. and you will see the results .


Doing Slimming World

How much weight do you want to loose? If you dont have much sometimes it can be slower. But don't be despondant as 7lbs is still fab! We are all on our own journeys, it's not a race and your body will do it at it's own pace.
Some people do get on better doing a plan like 800 or SS+ where you can have a meal in the evening. The losses are the same bar one or two pounds here and there.

I've heard that the sticks are thought to be a waste of money by some, I've never used them. Some of the signs are being cold, feeling really well and no major hunger pangs, seeing little white bits in your wee etc. Carrots do have a higher amount of fructose/sugar in them and I know they arent in the books but I dont dwell on it - you've eaten it now anyway.
It might be worth having a chat with your CDC and maybe giving a slightly higher plan a try - if it makes you happier and allows you a small meal you might find it easier, then again you might find it difficult but it's all about moderation and doing what is right for you.

Sorry to ramble on but honestly don't be down about it - you could always weigh out 7lbs on your kitchen scales and see how heavy it feels! It's a good loss and be proud of it

Hi katie

take a look at my ticker.. I am a slow looser, I do take medication but I had a go at lighter life before the taking the meds and whilst everyone else was loosing 5 pounds or more a week I was the pound a week girl, I really started to beat myself up about it and compared myself to the others and felt a failure.. it wasnt long before the food demons came knocking and I thought oh well I'm not loosing much I might as well eat abit.. it doesn't work! curlywurly is right a loss is a loss, you have lost a five pound bag of spuds and a bag of sugar, carry that around and you will realise that it weighs quite heavy!! If you feel you need to eat then speak to your cdc and maybe add a meal in, take care x :)
aw thanx for the feedback I know am being a bit silly as 7 pound of is better than 7 on lol but i think i was expecting to loose loads dead quick ! iv now got 3 stone 1lb to loose. i am eating porridge and two soups a day .... i think maybe if i could have a bar it would really keep me going. my cousin is on lighter life and she has had bars since day 3 so i think thats whats really kept her going .....would it be ok if i did the shakes for say another 4 weeks with bars then moved on to another plan e.g the two shakes and a meal would i still loose the weight or is it best to just pesevere with the ss ?
Katie, do what feels right for you, the plans are there to help, have a chat with your cdc, I must admit I do like the bars and I cannot do without the mix a mousse! its like having a bowl of pudding x

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