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Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I am new to this site, I signed up to Weight Watchers first week in January with good intentions. So far I have failed every week and all I am doing is gaining weight. I am really struggling to stick within my allowance and by the weekend I have given up and gobbled up all of my weekly points (oops).

So a little about me, I am 31, 5ft 2 and currently weight 11stone 3lbs and feeling like a fat cow. For the past year I managed to maintain my weight at 10 stone 3lbs, slowly the weight has crept up and I am finding myself giving up. I was always an Atkins fan and lost weight successfully each time. I have a massive carb phobia and finding the high sugar content on WW is soaring my appetite! I went on holiday in December to Cape Town for 2 weeks..the months leading up to my holiday I was low carbing for 2 months with no success on the scales (partly because I just can't lay off the booze, and you just can't drink on Atkins successfully) so anyway on my return after my holiday I decided to re train my eating habits and join Weight Watchers. So far not so good as all I can think about is eating, eating and eating! This extra stone that I am carrying around just won't budge for love nor money! I try to power walk around the park on my lunch break which is a two mile walk in 30 minutes, my sister is loosing weight successfully on WW, even my boss is on it and really supportive and losing, I have losing envy at the moment! But I know that deep down I am not really trying! How are people loosing so much in their first week? I seriously feel that the high carb content has something to do with my failure. I am guzzling water and eating loads of fruit and veggies, I take Chromium to suppress my appetite which isn't working at all! I just want to quit :mad:

Anyway, so I have decided that this is my final attempt before I give up and be a fatty for the rest of my life. I am finding it really hard as even though the scales say that I am a stone heavier I am still wearing the same clothes and practically look the same (well kinda, my face is pretty chubby right now lol) I desperately want to be 9st 7lbs for the summer months and feel good in shorts, I have no self confidence, I have been single for 4 years so when the weekend comes and the hangover is major me and my housemate tuck into comfort foods and doss in our PJ's (this is not what I signed up for).

I know I need to change my habits and lifestyle, I know I need to re program my mind set and I always start with such good intentions but it never works out! All other parts of my life are successful, I set goals and stick to them, I make plans and they happen so why can't this happen with my weight? I am sooooo desperately tired of seeing 11 stone on the scales, I am tried of feeling ugly and wobbly and I anger myself because I know that I am attractive and it's like I am purposely trying to destroy my body!

I am so so so desperate, any words of motivation would be a massive help.

Starting from tomorrow I will be on 26 pro points per day and weekly 49 points.

Thanks for reading x
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The hard part of any diet is self-control and will-power, if you do not have it you are bound to fail.
Don't give up and try to restrict yourself to the 26 points and 49 weeklies.
You probably don't want to hear it, but the booze, that's very bad cause it contains so many calories.
If you really insist on drinking alcohol, go for a mix with a 0 point soda like cola zero or 7 up light, etc and don't have too many of them.
When you exercise, this includes the walking you did, you get extra "active" points.
Perhaps you could try to get more active points so you can eat more?
Also, some things are more filling than others, so with the veg you should definitely get some carbs like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, etc.


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I'm quite surprised to read your experience as I have found WW has helped me decrease the amount of sugar I am eating and drinking, plus the amount of carbs like pasta I am eating.

My partner (meat eater!) normally has for food:

Eggs (pan fried in fry light) on two slices of toast with phili light mini tub instead of butter

Mid day: 2 pieces of fruit as snacks

Vegetable soup

Meat - either lamb / steak / chicken
with a side salad, coleslaw

Our usual dinner time food is are stir fry / veggie chili / sunday roast / hot pot / thai curry - we'll usually have with fine noodles / indian curry like tikka or korma.

The majority of time my lunch and brekkie is low carb and for tea I'll carb away (but limit it to a small amount of my overall meal).

To limit my sugar intake, I don't tend to add sugar to my meals or if I have to, limit it to 1 teaspoon max per portion of food. I also make sure that fruit is only 2 of my 5 a day. If I want more than that I tend to include it in my points.

I don't drink alcohol - if you do, make sure you are pointing the right measurements of alcohol as I know some drinks can be high in sugar as well as fat.

The key to it all though is that it sounds like by "giving up" you are no longer pointing. You know from your relatives and friends that WW works. By not fully committing to the plan and planning ahead as to how you are going to use your points, you are setting yourself up to failure. 26 points a day, if used wisely, will give you enough food in a day to make you feel full and content. With your 49 weekly points you should have more than enough to have special treats.

For example, this week I have had as treats - thorntons toffee, some quality streets, a cream scone, chippy chips (TOTM unfortunately, I don't usually eat this much crap!). Everything in moderation. And even when I have had a bad day, I own up to myself and point everything honestly. That way I know why I have gone over my points and what things I am eating to take me over the points balance.

You obviously care enough about your weight for it to bother you, join WW and join this forum. I would have a gander around the Success Stories thread and see the results you can and will achieve if you stick to the plan 100%. I was a cynic, I joined WW just after Christmas and I found the first week hard but I stuck with it. Three weeks on I have lost half a stone and I am well on the way to meeting my targets.

You can and will achieve this. You have all the tools you need to do well. Stop sabotaging yourself! There is no diet on this planet where you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, unfortunately it is going to be hard and you will fall down at some point. But the key is picking yourself back up. You recognise you haven't stuck to the plan, I hope that you are realising why you have not achieved the results you were hoping for. Never a failure, always a lesson!! Now get back on the bandwagon, take a picture of yourself, set yourself some goals and go for it!!
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You still weigh less than me at our height and nearly the same age, lol. I've lost 3 stone since Oct on the plan. This has been really hard for me for a lot of reasons, but I have to say it has worked. It will work for you if you stick to it. It does work.

Echoing the excellent advice above - point everything. Also track everything, even zero points foods, for the first few weeks at least; you need to get an idea of how you're using your points, and what on, and how you're supplementing with zero points foods. I found it helped me for the first six weeks or so to also write the times of when I ate something on my tracker next to what I ate. This helped me identify 'trouble times' for me, like late at night, for example.

Stop keeping comfort foods in the house - or, at least, ask your flatmate to keep her goodies somewhere you don't have access to them. You can't eat it if it isn't there to be eaten, and from what you say, weekends are a pressure point around eating high-points stuff for you. If you have an established habit of eating junk with your flatmate then, you have to break that habit.

I don't know how much fruit you are eating, but you should look over your tracker and consider whether you need to cut that down. I have heard from my leader and a few other people's leaders that the zero-pointed value for fruit is calculated on the assumption that you will not eat more than five small (palm-sized) portions per day. I know from my meeting that some people who eat a lot of fruit have poor losses. It's packed full of fructose. The newbies at our class this week have been struggling with that; a couple of them have gained this week by swapping to fruit.

Chromium won't work for appetite supression. Trust me on this. Swap it for a multivitamin, if anything.

You will be hungry on the plan sometimes. You will have hungry days. I don't say that to demotivate you (or anyone!!) but just to be honest. I think anyone who has tried the plan has found that, certainly at first. There are days you feel hungry and just have to power on through. You have your weeklies if you need them.

Track all the water you drink. You might actually be drinking too much; I certainly was before I joined and it wasn't doing my kidneys any good.

The girls are right about the alcohol. All the points that you are using for alcohol are points you can't use on food, and even a single vodka and diet coke still comes in at two points. You have to consider whether you think you can cut down on what you drink when you're out and about.

Come on the forums, talk to your sister and boss, get whatever support you can from people around you to help you. Changing how you eat isn't easy and you will need support. There's plenty around :)

Good luck sweety <3


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Fatbumbummy, sorry to hear your troubles and I'm glad you are having a better day! Just out of interest, have you ever tried the slimming world red plan (very limited carbs and plenty of protein)?


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Wow coulda been me writing that post. My trouble is wine!!! A large glass or 2 to chill with followed by a bad nights sleep because of it then a carb munch to give me energy followed by a low do sugar to pump me up.
Starting again today. We can do this.


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I use a small wine glass and when I fill it, it has 2 propoints. I also eat a mini bag ( or 2) of cadburys chocolate buttons from the snack packs. They have 2 propoints. I like these treats. With weight watchers you are not deprived of the things you enjoy. So long has you track your points you can eat whatever. I hope that you get your motivation. Mine has been a slow weight loss usually about a pound each week or fortnight and have lost one and half stone since September 2011. but I enjoy a takeaway each week, I have a glass or two of wine on about four days a week so it hasn't been difficult to follow. When I have had my points for the day I stop. Good luck.