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Help my boobs :-(


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Ok, so ive lost around 2.5 stone now and ive noticed my boobs are going really saggy and heading south!!!
Although, always having large boobs they have never been particually perky but they have always been 'my thing' i like wearing low cut tops etc.
But in the last week ive noticed the skin is really bad and i can see it getting worse. Im loosing weight but my skin isnt shrinking at all... arrgghh..

Anyone know of any excercises or anything that can help? Ive also noticed my bingo wings are sagging too. Horrible side effect of this diet it seems!! :-( :cry:
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hi katieg, AM worried too as mine are not big. i only use a c cup and still wearing the old bras with a lot of space in them and they look mow like used teabags; really ugly!!. but i dont think there is anything we can do about it except surgery if one has been fat for so long because the skin has been overly stretched for long so it will not snap into place except for people who have not been fat all their lives. i have been anyway. i cant remember my slim phase.that been said people have talked about exercise but in my honest opinion, there is a limit this can go to achieve that 'never been big' physique. if i have accomplished my womanly function, i will have surgery. simple!


Sensibly losing :)
Katie I have the same prob and can only tell u it gets worse.. sorry. When at my heaviest I had the best pair of DD/E boobies .. all full firm n bouncy. Then I lost weight n they gradually deflated.... then some more weight n they went pfffffft like a used balloon! I now have about an a or baggy b cup... they don't look too bad and the skin has certainly pinged back a bit but it did take about a year... sadly the sizes will never be what I had before *sob*... and I was fat all of my life n they have shrunk back.. the only bit I don't like is that the top part of each join is quite flat and empty compared to my cleavage I had before that could touch my chin if I sat down lol... I am using Palms cocoa butter for pregnancy and weights n its lovely. Just wish it would work on the very tops of my legs! Boob jobs all round eh! Lol x
oh the dreaded saggy skin! I promised myself if I lose the weight and keep it off for a year I will invest in a tummy tuck. it's the only way. I don't know what i'l do bout the rest of me! push up bra all the way!


Sensibly losing :)
my thinking is that if you are going for a tummy tuck then you may as well go for some silicone in the ol' booobies too!! Thats deffo a bit of me if I were brave enuf, sadly I am not!! But I would love to wake up one day to find I have been rohypnol'd and then I wake up to find a pert pair of boobs on my chest...!!! ;) x
I am 19stone and only 25years old - i might feel alot different when i lose this weight.. but at the moment a long to the have the saggy skin rather than the fat!!!
My boobs are huge at the moment to and i wear low cut tops but only to keep ppls eyes off the fat belly and double chin!! when i dont have them, i hope that the boobs can stay covered up and i can wear pretty dresses to show my whole figure off!! Good luck to all xxx

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