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HELP - My Dr will not sign my form

After waiting a week I called in to the Doctors today and they will not sign my form. Apparently they had a meeting about it and decided that they will not sign. I was all geared up mentally to start tomorrow. What can I do? Have called LL office but no reply as yet.

Any tho:cry:ughts welcome. I just want to cry
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Hiya DQ

Don't panic!!!! My Dr wouldn't sign my form, so my LLC gave me details of a clinic nearby that do the LL medical. Not sure where you go for LL but I went to a clinic about 20 miles away from where I live.

If you get a reply from LL, which I'm sure you will, they might also have a clinic to refer you to, after all not all Dr's are willing to do the LL medical. My doctor said that I should lose weight by diet and exercise, and as I said, if it were that simply I wouldn't have been overweight for the last 14 yrs!!!

Good luck, I'm sure everything will be ok.
They would not even discuss it with me - just an absolute NO!

Thank you for your help. I will wait for LLC to call. I am just down hearted as I really wanted to start tomorrow.

Thank you

Hi DQ,

I went to a medi-centre and they were happy to sign it. I did have to pay quite a bit for the 5 minutes it took to sign the form and do blood pressure but it was worth it for me.

Good Luck, I hope you get your formed signed soon as this is the best diet in the world!



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It's madness.

I know for Cambridge Diet the sig (which isn't often necessary at all) isn't for asking permission to do the diet, just confirmation that you aren't on any medication that would cause a problem. Not sure if that last bit is the same for LL. I guess, if he won't discuss it, then you're up against a brick wall :(

Hope you find away around this. So frustrating for you:mad:
How odd - my doctor couldn't sign the form quick enough - in fact, it was him that suggested LL in the first place! Also when I asked if I should just see the nurse for my monthly check-ups he asked if I could make an appointment with him so he could see the dramatic difference himself.
Isn't it strange how doctors views can be so dramatically different. My LLC said she had a doctor that would be willing to sign the forms if our own doctor wouldn't so maybe your LLC will have one as well?

Good luck

MM x
Thank you all for your kind words of support. To be honest, I do not have a relationship with the doctors' as i only recently moved here. But I think it is ignorant to just dismiss my request and not be open to discussion. It is so frustrating when you have the mindset and the willpower to do it and a new class staring - all the signs are in place and I just want to get on with it.

Thanks again, I will let you know what happens.....:sigh:
I also had a terrible time getting my doctor to sign. She said that the initial form and subsequent BP checks would mean I was a burden on the NHS! She was extremely rude and unsupportive, I guess omse GPs will never agree to this kind of program. It was only when I burst into tears (was desparate to start) that she changed her mind. She also was far more concerned about how much to charge than my reasons for wanting to do it or my health at the time. I hope you find somebody who can sign you off, its very frustrating when you are so ready to start!
Have been making some calls and I am sure I can find a private doctor to sign form - will probably cost a small fortune but hey ho.

I will not be able to start new class tomorow. Will I be missing out if I start at week 2 - don't want to be new girl with no friends!


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Your LLC should know a local GP who will do it privately for about £35. But the issue is still with your own GP - I would ask them politely why they do not want to support you in reaching a healthy BMI and ask if they are prepared to pay for you to have a 14 week course of CBT to help you with your food and self-esteem issues?

I'm afraid it is different for LL than it is for Cambridge.

I do think you can have the BP sign-off done at Lloyds pharmacies - hopefully someone who's done it that way can advise on how much that costs and it it's acceptable for LL.

Also, ask at your LLC for the names of clinics that do sign off on LL and cite them back to your GP with a sternly worded letter to your MP about inconsistencies - reducing obesity is a political game these days and we need to make as much noise as possible about it as I am fed up to the back teeth with the lack of understanding and resources that the NHS have.

I couldn't agree with you more. I was so shocked and getting quite annoyed , but the receptionist (hitler in a frock) made it clear that it was not up for discussion. The official line was that the lighter life have there own doctors and you will have to get them to sign the form... I tried to explain that the doctor was not taking responsibility for me jpining LL, simply confieming my medical history - might as well have saved my breath. Still waiting for LLC to call me back

Lou x


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hi sweetheart,

I had mine signed this morning ready to start tonight, it cost me £25, they were very funny about it, but my counsellor said that if I had difficulties, she knew of a locum who would sign it, all be it would be a couple of days later, try not to worry until you speak to your counsellor,
hope that helps,
sun x
I do my BP checks through Lloyds Pharmacy, which is free(!) and no hassle at all.

My DR wouldn't do the medical - supposedly because I hadn't booked the 'right' appointment - and the next opportunity would ahve been 3 weeks later... I went to a GP my LLC knew and paid about £30 for the form to be signed.
My GP surgery have a flat rate no policy also. I think personally it should be done on a case by case policy. Don't worry thought your LLC will know someone who can do it. I had mine done by someone she recommended and it cost £60 a small price to pay in my opinion


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I think £60 is actually exceptionally steep. BUPA only charge about £35 for a drop in appointment of 10 minutes (although I've never asked them to sign LL forms) and I think the standard seeing your own GP via the back door charge is about the same - don't let yourself be bullied into paying over the odds - everything has a true value and I'd say more than £40 is pushing it!
Oh how I feel for you. I was exasperated last week when I thought I was going to be able to start, then couldn't as my Dr's dilly-dallied about filling in the forms. They did do them for me though.

Just thought I would pass on what 2 ladies in my group did though - one went to BUPA and paid £58 - and the other went to a NHS `drop in` and they did it there for her for free! I was gobsmacked at this - but the girl said she told them she had 2 jobs, and didn't have time to see a regular GP. Not sure where in the NW you are, but it may be an option?

Btw I DID go to my first meeting last week - I got weighed and measured, and saw the week 1 DVD. I then started LL yesterday [got Dr's forms back on Fri, and dropped into LL on Sat morning on the way to a friends party]. So please do go - speak with your LLC and hopefully she'll let you join in too.

Good luck, I do feel for you.

Just want to say, yes, go to the meeting and get the paperwork done afterwards. Your LLC will definitely know someone who can sign the forms. I have been shocked by what I have read on here; the lack of support is incredible.

But you are a determined person and you'll do it! Just wanted to lend my support too.

Good luck and enjoy the meeting.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxx


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There we go - I think you just have to have a GP to sign you on to the plan to make sure that there are no contraindications - which should cost no more than £40 and from then on it's just a trip to your local Lloyds to get your 4 weekly sheet signed for free.

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