Help my neice win a contest??

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi everyone!

My little neices school in America is running a contest.....whichever child gets the most postcards from another country wins. she is 12 years old.

If anyone can or would like to help, let me know by PM and I will give you her address!!!

I'd love to see her win!!!!

Thank you!!!

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Gotta Make A Change
im willing to help BL :D


I will do this!
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I'll send one :D please pm me her age too so I can get her a post card that may appeal!


love it
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Happy to do it too BL


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I'll send her one too :D


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PM me and ill send one x


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and me! x


dancing queen ;)
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i pm'd :)


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Send me her address hun.
How's things? xx:wave_cry:


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Me too Bl ... happy to send one! :D



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Only just logged on today BL so sorry for the delay ~ I would love to send one. xx :)