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Help Name my Kittens!

What shall I call the kittens?

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Hey, so instead of wasting time with men I'm getting 2 little kittens thursday night, and am still stuck on names, so could do with a vote from you girls what you think is good!

Basically, 2 female kittens (sisters) one is black and the other is ginger, if you have any other suggestions that'd be awesome aswell!
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No pics hun? x
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Ginger females are quite rare I would love another Kitten but i have 3 big cats. I would love a big ginger tom though.

What about holsten and stella :)


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How about Caos and Trouble!

My cat is pregnant with her 3rd litter and we have named previous kittens:-

Jammy Cat (she was ginger too!)

Good luck!


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My daughter is an expert on cats names and insists that Tabitha and Florence are the correct names for your new kittens!! Photos please when you have them.


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What about Carrot's for the ginger one and Ebony for the black one - let us know what name's you finally decide on.
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Gracie and Mischa

Love Mischa, great name :) I've had my new kitten for 4 weeks now and she's a delight, great fun! My older cat is getting used to her now, but still pulls grumpy faces lol! She's called Splodge as is white with splodges lol! Although my little girl calls her Baby or Charlie (which is my little girls name lol!).
Have fun x


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I have always said that the next kitten I get will be called Darla if it is female & Archie if it is a boy.

My two cats are called Zoe & Frankie & are both girls but they were CPL rescue cats so were already named when I got them.

What about Molly & Ruby?


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What ever you choose just make sure it sounds right yelling it down the garden to get them back in the house if you know what I mean lol.
ha ha ha Charlotte, so true :eek:


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Of course I would say that Tabitha is the best name ever ;)

But I really like the Noir and Rouge option.
That said my cats are Mogs (black) and Amber (tortie) Amber was my choice and Mogs just kind of happened. She came from the rescue called Enid as it was the end of E month and they were running out of names. I couldnt cope with Enid and spent some time talking to her and saying things like Hey Mogs what shall we call you and then of course she answered to Mogs.
I did once go to the vets and have them call... Ms Mogs you can bring Tabitha in now :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:


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i voted for noir and rouge :) hope 4 some pics soon! i have a cat called Indy shes huge tho a mini panther lol


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