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HELP!! need foods to try and de-bloat me over the next 3 days :(


I have just weighed myself and have put on maybe 4 or 5 lbs over the last month or so, but being overweight in the first place, it feels like a whole lot more!

Anyhow my tummy feels (and looks) very bloated (almost pregnant from a certain angle) and I have a party I need to go to on sat & don't want to feel like a frump.

I have been struggling to eat healthy recently but if I could perhaps kick-start my diet over the next few days, it could spur me back on the wagon.

I am looking for advice for foods that can help de-bloat me. For breakfast I will have 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk & a banana. Lunches I was thinking 2 slices wholemeal toast with light spread and a banana and a yoghurt as a snack. For my evening meal, I will try to stick to things like chicken/tuna, but which vegetables will fill me up without bloating?

I also know to drink plenty of water.
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Limit your carbs and have lots of green veggies. Only have at the most one carby meal in the day and your bloat will go. Xxx


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bread is a killer for bloating weather theat in form or pitta bread, wraps, pizza garlic bread.... try your best to stay away from it.

instead for lunch try salad or rivitas with spreadable cheese and cucumber, soups without bread or ceral

bread is hard for me to NOT eat as its my favorite but when i dont eat it i feel so much better even wholemeals not that great


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Swap your weetabix for porridge or another cereal that's not wheat based. I doubt I'm wheat intolerant (never bothered testing) but when I stopped eating it as much as poss I lost about 4inches of tum virtually instantly! The old jelly belly was noticeably flatter! In about two days!

If it's just a short term debloat you want for a night out then skip all bread wheat cereal and pasta for a few days :) I do still eat wholemeal occasionally but I try not too!! And watch your salt intake.

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I need chocolate now!!!
You aren't eating protein at breakfast or lunch so try to include protein foods in these meals. Dinner is a long time for your body to wait for some protein. I get bloated too and I drink a lot of peppermint tea. Ginger in any form is also very soothing to the digestive system.


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maybe have a detox day sometime, or try and eat pure food rather than processed ready meals :)

plenty of water, water water water. you'll be needing the toilet every few minutes guarenteed but it de bloats very well :)