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Help needed - am so confused!!!

Hi folks, I really need some help here before I drive myself nuts! I'm 5'11'' and my starting weight on CD was 18st7.5lbs. My CDC advised SS+ with 3 shakes and a bar each day plus 200ml of skimmed milk for tea and coffee. Have been doing that and lost 11.5lbs :D in my first week but am not in ketosis. :cry:

Have got obsessed with ketosis now and tested every wee yesterday so see if I was in it yet, some were very slighlty pink tinged but the majority of tests were negative. :sigh:

Have decided that maybe I need to cut out the skimmed milk so am trying that from today but I was only having a couple of splashes in one or two cups of tea a day and the rest of the time having peppermint tea or water. My CDC also said I could have coke zero but after reading some posts on here about that I havent had it for about 3 days - and had only had 2 cans prior to this.

I know I've had a really good weight loss in my first week but am a bit worried about this lack of ketosis as it seems to be such a big thing and an important part of the weight loss process and I'm just really worried that my weight loss is going to slow up and even stop if I dont get myself into ketosis. Was really positive about CD and am still but am feeling really deflated today.

Can anyone give me any words of wisdom here please?

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First of all WOW WOW WOW amazing loss hun, well done you, now I don't test my wee any more hun, how are you feeling??? cos if your feeling quite well and coping well on the diet then that's all that matters!!!! don't worry about what that bit of paper says......and stick with it, there are other indicators and believe me if we had smellymail i'd email you my breath lol!!!! Well done again


always lurkin around!
hi hun and well done on your loss thats fab.. if u feel ok and u are losing weight i wouldnt bother 2 much about the pink sticks another thing is that u shouldnt be having the bars till week 3 it could be that.. i would think u would be better having 4 packs for the 1st 2 weeks till u get in well in2 ketosis .. keep it up xx
As the day goes on the ketones get diluted by all the water you are drinking so may not register on on a ketostik. If you have had one go slightly pink then trust me hun you are in ketosis (I believe KD's didn't ever go pink throughtout her entire CD journey!;)).
I would recommend putting the ketostiks away hun as it's obviously not helping like you hoped it would and all it's doing is making you stressed out. Your first weeks weight loss is fantastic and you should be incredibly proud of yourself for that, don't let this one little thing over shadow it as it's not a big deal at all. As long as those lbs are going in the right direction don't worry yourself about being in ketosis (personally I never use the things for the exact same reason as you shouldn't, I obsess over things!:)).
Even if your only showing slight colour change on your stick test then you are in ketosis .If you show a dark pink test result then you are likley to de dehydrated :p.If you are not hungry and have yucky breath then you are in ketosis .
I think that you need to stop testing
A it will cost you a fortune for the sticks lol
B you are doing fine you are lossing weight so are almost certainly in ketosis
If you really want to do ss go for it I did it for 6 months but found that peeps doing ss+ like you were having similar weight loss results .
As to the zero coke argument official stance is no as it has made some peeps crave food I had it all the way through my journey with no problems so up to you to decide if it works for you .Didnt have it every day and only ever 1
Well done with the weight loss!
You should not have the bars until third week (they contain more carbs so may take you out of mild ketosis).
You may not be in mild ketosis but STILL be losing weight, so like everyone else I would say put the stix away, you will drive yourself mad and de-motivate yourself. You are doing fantasically well just keep doing what you are doing ;0).
Lots of people lose weight using step 2 810kcals so don't stress about mild ketosis ;0)
Hey! Firstly congrats on your loss!

As everyone else has said - if you're losing then i wouldn't worry about the sticks.

The one thing i did pick up on was that you are having the bars already? I don't think you're supposed to have them until week 3 as they contain more carbs. This could be why you haven't gone into ketosis. Also, some people are sensitive to the extra carbs and it can knock them out of ketosis - my Mum for one can't have the bars as they make a huge difference to her losses. Maybe try cutting them out for a while (still have your 4 packs but have all soups/shakes/porridge)? Then once you're well into ketosis try them again?

As for the coke zero and milk - I have them both! Just a little everyday and i am still in ketosis and still loosing weight. As with the bars - maybe cut them out until you are in week 3?

Hope this helps!
Thanks girls, I really appreciate this. I'm feeling ok and have other signs that I could be in ketosis - the cold hands and feet, no hunger pangs and breath that would strip paint at times but I just really wanted that little pink tip as final confirmation that I was there!

It really worries me that so many CDC's have different ideas and advice, I thought they should all be telling us the same thing. Mine said I could have the bars from week 1 and also coke zero and sugar free diluting juice but then you read the posts on here and those are all complete no no's - no wonder I'm a wee bit confused - and probably not alone in my confusion!

Am hanging on to the good feelings from my first weeks loss and hoping that it lasts, and kellymundy, you're right - the ketostix are going in the bin, I dont need anything else to obsess over!

Thanx again girls, i really appreciate the support and advice.
Hiya, i have heard the bars shouldnt be introduced until the 3rd week of the diet and when ketosis is firmly estblished, my advice would be to swop the bars for something else.
my cdc said i could have bars straight away. i had them in week 2 and lost 3 lbs last week. they do make me constipated and i do think they affect the losses but i cannot make the shakes at work and rely onthe bars for lunch. i am off work next week and am gonna just do shakes but for work days i need the bars.

keep up the good work.
my cdc said i could have bars straight away. i had them in week 2 and lost 3 lbs last week. they do make me constipated and i do think they affect the losses but i cannot make the shakes at work and rely onthe bars for lunch. i am off work next week and am gonna just do shakes but for work days i need the bars.

keep up the good work.

Could you use the tetras for work??
WHat a great weightloss. I am in week 9 and the stix do not show me as being in ketosis. I am on SS + 200 cals but even when I did SS for 2 weeks it didn't show. I drink a LOT and maybe it is diluted. I do get cold but I don't have any other symptoms and yet I am consistently losing weight. I have only been tested at CDC's after 1pm or after 5 by which point I have drunk 2 litres water. Don't worry, just be consistent from your end.
I never showed pink on the sticks! I lost weight continuously each week though, so it never really bothered me.
As long as the scales reflect a loss, I wouldn't worry. As for the bars, I found they slowed down my losses, so I stuck to shakes, soup and the tetras.
Thanx again huni's for all the comments - am feeling less worried now, the ketostix are getting binned and as long as the weight and the excess inches are shifting - I'm smiling!
Good for you!!!!


Doing Slimming World

It sounds like you are doing brilliantly so far, I've picked up from here and another forum that the ketostix really arent necessary and if you dont get them anymore you'll save yourself money - not a bad thing on this diet at all!!

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