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HELP needed Fast!


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HEy guys,

listen I arrived in work and noticed that I have forgotten my shakes.BLIMEY! :copon:

I might be able to make it for lunchtime but that is not good isn't it?? And if not that would mean I could drink my first shake at around 5 pm.... I will die of starvation°!

:wave_cry: I am a bit worried now.....and want my brekkie shake:mad:

Anyone some clever advise???
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O no I dont know what to suggest except do you live to far away from home, would you be able to go home at lunch. Sorry not help am I
Oh God! That's a hard one. I'm lucky as I live close enough to go home in my lunchtime, if I forgot anything....and I have when doing LT, as food was NOT my priority. I can only suggest a low carb meal, or eat some lean chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, lean ham so that you dont come out of ketosis. Have you contacted LT to see what they can suggest??? Good luck.


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hi Tridi,
wondering if your chemist is near by, you could ask them to sub you a shake till next weigh in. Perhaps if not then another chemist would give it to you if available, perhaps your chemist could ring them?. Best of luck.


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Good ideas!Thanks girls, just convinced my Hubby to go and get it for me,so he'll be here soon!Phew!Man I was shocked for a sec. Hasn't happened to me before... suppose there's always a first time for everything....but it sks!!

Anyway I am saved,thanks for ur advixce tho!Very helpful!


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Glad you're sorted. I suggest you take a few and leave them in work so it can't happen again! xx


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glad it is now sorted. i have 5 shakes in my office and have bought a second shaker so i dont forget it. just an idea


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second shaker's a great idea :)

glad you got sorted Tridi!


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heheh thx again, yeah I am such a muppet!
From now on will bring my weekly work ration into work with me and that's it done! I was just in such a huff this morning, haven't been so grumpy in a long time and then I had a really bad hair day and felt like s**t, my little one kept crying as she was so tired and didn't want to go to the Kindergarden and I my poor hubby got it all. And then when I sat down at my desk with a grumpy face wanting to drink my shake I was like : nooooooooo! so I decided to go for a ciggie and think what I'll do and i saw that i forgot my ciggies+wallet too!What a great start into d day. Thank god for my hubbys patience and calmness and even more for this Forum, seriously this diet would not b what it is without all u guys!

Now sorry for all this wordvomit,but hey...I feel so much better now...lol


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