Help needed from American dieters


The Diet Guy
Slightly strange question but hey!

I am just finishing a book on the mindset of dieting and want to be sure that I have terminology correct.

Now in the Uk we obviously talk about Yo Yoing where people lose weight then regain and then lose again etc.

I have done an entire chapter on it but not sure if in America it is calle Yo Yoing or whether it has a different name?

Can anyone help?

E-Mail is [email protected]


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Dont know about that one, i think the Americans just say weight fluctuation. but you can start a new trend


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They call it yoyoing aswell, though the 'posher' call it cycling (as we do)


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Thank you :)


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Just noticed this post late last night.I asked my sister who lives in Texas about terminology and she confirms that yo-yoing is in common usage there.She had never heard of cycling but then neither have I and I am a classic yo-yo dieter in the UK - so that means nothing.