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Help Needed - Quickly Emski's Sliding....


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off track - we need to get her on the straight and narrow as soon as possible before she goes too far. She is not feeling 100% so be gentle!

Come on Emski, you can do it. Four weeks until the party where everyone will be telling you how gorgeous/lovely/fantastic you are (well you are already gorgeous we know that!)
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
come on emski - don't make me hurt you! :D

i know it's not easy when you're not well, but don't slip into your old eating habits. you can still have SW friendly comfort foods. x
Stick with it! Just think of how far you've come!

I made the chicken and leek soup from this month's mag. Really yummy and easy and great for when you're not feeling well.

Hey.. Im good...

ok so I had a cheese and ham sandwich
and a fab lolly
and a packet of cheesy curls
and 2 choc digestives
and a 2 finger kitkat !!!!

But it could have been worse.. trust me!!!

I am off work again.. dont feel poorly just achy so cant exercise.. doc has said rest.. so that's what I am doing for a change.. I will not potter..

So yes I may have a chinese chow mein for my tea..

I dont feel off track .. or like I am having a blow out.. I just feel it's a normal day when things are a little out of the ordinary.. Im not cooking.. and DA will make something Unhealthy AND inedible..

As for the party.. I will look fabulous anyway.. I have lost 26lbs!! yes the plan was for more.. but hey better than putting on 26lbs :D


Is so very nearly there!
Oh Ems Ems Ems! Come on sweetie... Get back with us!

You dont want all that bad food do ya! Its not really that nice hun... SW so much better and dont make ya feel bad lol

Come on sweetie - pretty dress is calling you :)
Woohoo for 26lb! Amazing! Sounds like you're in control to me. You're just having a day off.
Thats the point...

I dont feel bad or gulity at all....

and yes I did want it

and yes I did enjoy it
thats what matters, you've done so well, you are allowed days like that, a few days like this are never going to undo all of your hard work so far xxxx
If I wasnt in control then it would have been 2 sandwiches.. a packet of walkers.. 4 fingers of kitkat.. 2 packets of biscuits.. a pint of milk... ben and jerrys icecream..

Lin added what I had and apparently it was 33 syns.. and I am thinking I can deal with that...

If you have stuff and then feel bad then that is a slippery slope.. me ? Im just living my life as normal.. I mean I will probably be eating SW way for life.. will need to to maintain any losses.. so I have a sandwich.... shoot me :p :D
Am I reading it wrong or is Ems not even bothered? you dont think its even as issue do you Emski? Cos personally I dont xxx
Am I reading it wrong or is Ems not even bothered? you dont think its even as issue do you Emski? Cos personally I dont xxx

Nope .. no issues here.. think my sister got the wrong end of the stick and panicked... haha think she was imagining me sitting here feeding my face full of crap with tears running down my face and having to buy me a party dress from Millets!!!

Im cool.. back to the plan in the morning.. :D
something like this would be perfect for party wear hehe x

ah - I see, more like this
black tent.jpg

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