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Help needed re veg please x


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Hi guys,
As I'm only just on WW over a week coming from low carbing for a few years I have a question re veg. I know the book and other people on this forum say veg is free with the exception of peas, sweetcorn, potatoes and parsnips but I'm having what I have to say is a massive and I mean massive veg stir fry every evening. I cook it with the spray fry light and then add quite a good few sprays of the 1 spray salad dressing. I'm counting 2-3 points for this. Should I be leaving it free or should I count it? The stir fry comes in a bag and consists of beansprouts, grated carrott, red cabbage, white cabbage and some onion. One last question, re Melba Toast, how many slices can we have per point? Just wanted to know before I go buy some... Many thanks in advance for any advice and or replies xx
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Hi Im not too sure how much veg we can have before pointing Im sure it depends on how much you mean is loads? I cant eat too much I have IBS but have a fair amount in my currys and salads and side dishes.
Melba toast sorry dont know ,someone will come along soon that can help you on both things :) xx
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Hi madison.

I'm new back to WW also. However, melba toast will vary depending on manufacturere and size so think you need to point each packet individually. I used to get ones from sainsbury which were 6 small ones for 1 point.

Your stir fry sounds great and I would also allow 2 0r 3 points to cover the spray lite stuff.

Good luck :)


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I was told by my leader that unlimited veg is free? But i am wondering now, as i always make cauli and broccolli soup and eat loads of the stuff each day and don't point it ?


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S: 12st10lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 1st1lb(8.43%)
Thanks for your replies and advice. Anyone I've spoken to here at work or other people who've done WW before always say the same that unlimited veg is free. Still have my doubts though as even veg has cals. Thanks again. Shall continue to count 2-3 points just to be on the safe side xxx


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Veg has a large % of water and very little cals,so i wouldn't count it. I think 2-3 points is a bit high even taking the spray into account. I always though frylight etc was free too but i might be wrong!!


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Defo free so enjoy it.

I used to make alot of 0 point soup to keep me going between meals and honestly the amount i ate was shocking. It worked tho so they cant be fibbing by saying its free.


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1cal spray is free. I believe as much veg as you like is free.. can't see why it wouldnt :)

Also going to try your stir fry one night :D


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I wouldnt point this at all. I eat loads of veg and use fry light and never count any of it. If the books says 0 points, its 0 points to me. As long as its not eating for the sake of eating I cant see why it would be a problem. If you are losing weight anyway I wouldnt worry.


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S: 12st10lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 1st1lb(8.43%)
I think my mind is just a bit messed up after doing low carb for so long where I mainly got my carb intake from green veggies. Need to train the brain that it's sat fat I should be concerned about now and not carb intake. In saying that since I've started WW I've steered clear of bread or any sugary things. The only carb food I've been having other than veg is porridge. OMG it tastes soooo good. 60g of it every day, I'm loving it. Oh the simple things in life eh lol

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