help needed!!! to get through the first few days/

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    Hi all,

    I am writing this so utterley fed up after caving in on my restart (again) and eating 4 jaffa cakes and a slice of cake. There are so many reasons why I need and want to SS successfully, a hol at the start of june I was/am determined to be slim for, and sheer unhappiness with my weight and situation. My hubby is sweet and supportive, but I know he is happier with me slimmer, not just because of how hot I can look (!!!!) but cos I am happier.

    So why have I been struggling almost daily since Jan 1? and have wasted almost a month?

    If anyone has any tips for how they got through the first week or so, or wants a buddy with 5-6 stones to lose let me know.. I am just so annoyed with myself... arrrrgggh :mad:
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    Hi Caprica

    I know how you feel i have been restarting for the last couple of months and today i am on day 4 in ketosis :D:D. What i do is try and keep busy, so far i have laid down floor, painted the living room and right now i am about to paint my bedroom.
    How much water have you been drinking?
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    Now stop it Caprica, there isn't one of us that hasn't been where you are. This isn't about dieting it is about making life changes and anyone that is making big changes gets it wrong or messes up at the start. What you need to do is put a line under it and take today as your first day. Set out some short term goals and work towards achieving them rather than looking 2 months down the line and giving up at the first sign of a slice of cake. You CAN DO THIS as long as you are in control. Stop beating yourself up and start to feel positive about yourself, we are all here to support you and want to. Get a CD buddy in your local area, it works wonders.
    And do what Naomi1611 does, which may I say is brilliant - keeping busy is the only way in the first week. My house has never looked so tidy and clean :D

    Good luck today and tomorrow - big hugs ( warm hugs) and lots of positive thoughts coming at yer =)
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  5. andju

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    Hi,restarts are notoriously difficult,although having said that it doesnt mean they are impossible.I struggled to get back on after xmas,the only way I managed was to start on 810,it was still a struggle,I did a few days then dropped down to ss+ it helps me a lot,I keep my allowance of chicken in the fridge ready and if I am struggling I eat bits of it,some days I dont have any left for my meal but then I am past the stage where I want a meal anyway,other than that like naomi says keep busy!!Good luck
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    Awww... I feel for you, i'm on week 3 on SS, the first week was really hard for me, I had so many thoughts and feelings, along with imense headaches. If you've done it before, you know you can do it again. Stay strong, get a new hobby, do that when you feel hungry :) xx
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