Help needed very much...changing to old plan ??? Xxxx

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  1. Xlyndsey-MacX

    Xlyndsey-MacX Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have done WW many times the first time I did it been 4 years ago on discovery plan when I lost 2st in around 6 months!!! I have since done porpoints and seem to struggle this time round in 5 weeks I have lost a lousy 5lb! which I know people say is healthy but its not for me when I know I can get better results. I have the old points kitchen scales, eat out guide and also the shop book and I have also found a app which does the old points calculations just a few questions I have if anyone can help?

    · What is the rule of rolling points over and how many can you roll over?
    · I have worked my points allowance to be 20 is this correct im 5ft 8 1/2inch, im 23, female, non active job, I weigh 11st 11lb??
    · In terms of exercise points I wont ever use these but will be running around 9-12 mile per week how do you work them out?
    · Do points sometimes jump up or down I know propoints sometimes two things at 1 point will add up to 3, think this is because on propoints there is no halfs is that correct??

    Any other tips or info you may think I need to know I would GREATLY appreciate it.


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  3. Lorny

    Lorny Silver Member

    Hey. I don't count my activity points, but there's a website I found once which helps you determine how many. I'll try to find it when I'm on my laptop but it's easy enough to Google.

    Your daily points looks ok to me too. As for points jumping up and down, obviously we have half points on vintage, but I don't count the calories of the whole meal, I just count everything singley. It's a lot easier to do that, but I'm probably at a weight where I can afford to do that!

    As for rolling points over, you can only roll over five points a day, including activity points. You can't take them into a new week either, so if you weigh on Saturday, you have until the following Friday to use them up.

    Hope that helps!

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  4. Xlyndsey-MacX

    Xlyndsey-MacX Member

    thanks loveley :) i think i will use the activity points this time but only on vodka maybe 1 chocolate bar and nothing else lol cant wait to start xxx
  5. Hules

    Hules Silver Member

    Hiya, just wanted to welcome you to the WW vintage boards hun. Did you start? How did it go in your first few weeks? I'm back on it as of Wed too :rolleyes:

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