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help needed..Weight loss & breastfeeding

Any of the slimming groups are fine like slimming world and weight watchers (great in fact coz you get to eat extra).
When did you have your baby? Im hoping to lose a stone in the first month of breast feeding.
Had her in Febuary, the first stone came off really easily within the first two weeks and then once the other half went back to work it all started to go a bit downhill!! my baby weight last year came off pretty easily as was able to go to a few mother and baby excercise classes but now there is the two of them it isn 't possible and by the time i get them both to bed i just collapse. which i know is no excuse but two under two really takes it out of you and i found that i have been craving sweet things again whilst feeding and finding that i am just grabbing 'easy' things to eat.

Was thinking weight watchers but wasn't too sure if it was advised, might pop along to a session to see what they say and if i get to eat even more bonus! now the little one is six months hopefully she will be getting a few more nutrients from the bits of food she is having (trying BLW as worked really well with number 1) but can't be really sure she will be geting too much at first so have to keep feeding as well.

is this your first?
No this is my third and I had 15 months between the first two so I know exactly what you mean.
I'd say once you are not exclusively breast feeding you can do any diet u like except maybe TFR or Atkins or the like .
Good luck with the BLW my second son ate nothing solid until he was 15 months - nightmare!!
Weightwatchers is ok when breastfeeding. You get more points each day.
wow just weighed myself and have lost another 5lb! i hope it stays off this time... i have a nasty habit of over rewarding myself :eek:
Im doing sw and bf. I did ww for many years but with two tots there was no way I could keep track of points and plan meals to stay in points. I find sw easy and weight coming off at 2-3lb week with no exercise. I have three meals a day with 1/3 being fruit or veg. If I get hungry, which I do after bf I can still snack on lean meats, fruit, yogurt etc. Plus if your bf you get extra healthy extras, which I use on cheese, yum.
ok i think that 5lb i lost has come right back on again and no more if i am lucky i don't dare get on the scales! really struggling to get myself motivated, and even finding it a strugle to get out of the house most days which isn't fair on the children never mind myself.

ok plan of action required.

1. get out of the house on a daily basis, even if it is just a walk round the block.
2. plan meals for the week, and only buy what is needed.
3. go for a swim at least once a week when the children are in bed and have a bit of me time to clear my head.
4. And no cheeky glasses of wine midweek

I think that will be enough for now an hopefully this will help to start getting a few pounds off.


Loves this site!
Can i join you on here? I used to do atkins and dont think thats safe with bf. My baby is due in Jan so i have time to consider what diet is going to be best for me. The only problem is that i cant get to a club and have a 4yr old taking up my time too. Any ideas ladies? I need to get my head around what im doing first or i will just go off the rails within a matter of days.
You are very welcome! I'm on a different diet every week but sticking to nothing, I'll start seriously once bubs has arrived:)
I'm due nov 18 - a wee surprise. I've 2 boys already so pink would be nice but I don't mind
I'm thinking pink because I was sick this time but then sometimes I thnk blue. I have a boys name I love but no girls so blue might be easier


Loves this site!
What names do you have? We only have middle names atm. ........Ray for a boy and ........... Lily for a girl.
Lily after my mum and Ray after my grandad (was his first name) who dies just after i found out i was pregnant. Its also my dad, brother and sisters (Rae) middle names!
At least you are thinking about names, it took us until th lo was 13 days old until we could agree haha we were just convinced she was a boy.

anyway after man weeks of procrastinating i have decided to join sw had some of the old red/green plans that a friend gave me to give it a try before i joined and i seem to be eating more than ever and it really does get you thinking about the quality of food that i am consuming so have no issues with it and bf. That said the lo is now on solids as well so not totally reliant on me but i am sure that someone mention that you get extra syns to play with if feeding.
Eldest has just turned 2 and the lo is now 7 months, its easier the second time around... but the best bit of advice i had which i did from day one with my second was feed as soon as they wake up, then nappy which makes it easier to figure out what they are crying for! (wind, bored, over stimulated or tired) with the first it took me a while but once we got into her little routine (flexible) things got a lot easier and we both relaxed more.

I think we have been lucky though and had two easy babies!


Loves this site!
DS was perfect. Slept 4-5hrs from birth then was almost 4wks old and slept 15hrs!
He was never demand fed either but wasnt really a cry baby he was nomally very happy.
I was worried the next one will be a nightmare as he was so easy but if youve had 2 like it then there is hope for me yet!
Good luck with SW Vic. My first son was a starving baby but once I gave up breastfeeding at 7 weeks he was a dream. The second was an easy baby because he was never hungry but at 2 and a half has only slept through the night a few times. He just doesn't eat enough so wakes hungry. I'm hoping this one will be easier!!!!

My boys name is Odhran (it's Irish) and second name Daithi (Irish for David after my hubbie)

Girls names I like juliette, Jessica, aoife, maeve, lily, Sienna - but gettingy hubbie to agree to any of them is tough :(