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Help needed :(

Hi guys, I need a bit of advice.

I go to my group on thursday evenings. I also play roller derby, and have this week been put up into a more advanced group that practices on thursday nights. You can see my dilemma =/

Now, there is a morning group for slimming world, but the consultant at that one doesn't do image therapy and she's really abusive if you haven't lost what she deems acceptable (I've posted on here about her before).

So, if I went to that group, I would most likely be paying £5 top hop on scales when I have perfectly accurate ones at home, and to be told off like a child.
If I don't go, I am anxious it will sabotage my losses and I will go off track. Also, I won't be able to access the sw website, which is one of the things I am sad about.

I can't sacrifice derby because it is the thing keeping me fit and i am incredibly passionate about it, but I don't know what to do :(
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Can you go to another group later/earlier in the week?

And also wow that C sounds like a horrid person :-( I would most definately be complaining about her

By how much time does the SW class & roller derby clash by?

Is it worth asking the consultant if she can do your image therapy first and then leave when you have too?

Ask you consultant as well if she's aware of any new classes opening soon that you could attend or if the other consultant is still doing that particular class.

Good luck with whatever you decided :)
Roller Derby starts at 7-10pm, and SW is 6-7. But I have to get the bus at six =/

Thanks for your advice ladies, I am going to give me consultant a ring and ask for her advice.


Mens sana in corpore sano
I agree with EternalFlame, ask your sane consultant for advice. That other consultant sounds like she's in the wrong line of work, surely she should be reprimanded for that behaviour? Ahhh, roller derby is definitely on my "things to do once I'm fit enough" list...sounds and looks like awesome fun, not to mention an awesome workout. Good luck with your dilemma.
Christiana, Roller Derby is for EVERYONE! It doesn't matter how big or small you are!
And I see you're in London, two of the first and most formidable Derby teams there!


Mens sana in corpore sano
Ooooh, I'll have a look then, though it's been ages since I donned a pair of skates! :D
It might be worth asking in your new roller derby group to see if there is anyone going that way that you could share the petrol costs with, if you have to pay bus fares anyway. If they could call in at your class and collect you on the way, you could still do both, even if you had to leave early.

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