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I really need some help. i need to lose 6ish stone. I am struggling to get back on the diet (cd). I always give in to the urge to eat. I dont have an easy home life (i know i cant use this as an excuse any more), my baby is very ill (terminally - there is no treatment for his condition), we spend lots of time in Alder Hey and i give in to the canteen food, we never get full nights sleep so we are always knackered, and during the day i am a full time social worker. But today i took my twin girls to Primark for some new clothes and was stood in the changing room waiting for them to come out and i glanced in the mirror, i look absolutely bl@@dy huge, i looked so fat it was unbelievable, my ar$e looked like a shelf its that big!! I tried adjusting my jeans and pulling my jumper down, but no, i was still huge when i looked again. I mean i always new i was big but my lovely husband always tells me how sexy and gorgous i am and i tend to believe him. I dont want to be like this anymore. Why can i be so succesful in my career, yet i cant stop shoving crap in my mouth. Everytime i go to eat now i am going to remind myself what a big fat mess i look. I am ok until tea time and then i give in, please can anyone give me any words of wisdom that may help me stay on track?

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Hiya hun, I have no words of wisdom for you, but am really sorry to hear your baby is so ill...understandably everything else will pale in significance. Maybe your motivation could be that you lose the weight to enable you to enjoy your twins. I need to lose about 6 or 7 stone and my main motivation is that I want to be able to watch my little girl grow up and enjoy doing things with her rather than keel over at a silly age and miss out on everything. Good luck hun...
Just want to give you (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) hun.
Im sorry about your baby and you are a very busy mum!I have 3 kids and find it hard working and running the home without the emotional pain of what your going through.
Please look in the mirror again smile and think how fantastic you are holding it all together for your family.Your a wonderful woman and maybe a VLCD isnt right for you at present?Try SW or ww as you may find you need some food to help you through?
Hi Dizzy,sending u ((((big hugs))) hun.I am so sorry to hear about your baby boy what you are going through must be so hard on you and all your family.

Words of wisdom i am not very good at otherwise i would of applied them to myself but pls pls dont be angry with yourself for finding it so hard getting back on to CD.
Myabe you could try one of the other plans on Cd like 1000 u will still lose weight and be able to pick and choose the food you eat which will make it easier for you when u are at the hospital.

It is so good that you have a loving and caring husband who loves you so much.
You are going through a very difficult emotional time now and maybe not the right time for you to ss now but you could still lose weight on the other plans and feel happier with yourself that you are in control.

Just remember we are always here and you can come online and chat 2 us at any time ,there is always someone around 2 chat 2.
Take care hun and pls dont be so hard on yourself,you are one very special lady you are managing to work look after your family and be at the hospital with your baby.
Remeber small steps will eventually take you to your destination and we will all be here to support you.
Hi Dizzy

Firstly I would like your husband he sounds fantastic but I think maybe you need him at this time! You certainly have so much to deal with and also so many reasons to be successful in this. You have had fantastic success in your first week I see so congratulations that must have been difficult to achieve, BUT YOU DID! So now you know you can be successful in dieting as well as in your career. I so admire you as I am only a stay home mum of three which I and sometimes find that hard. It must be heart breaking to spend your days in hospital with your baby with little hope for the future and away from your twins, I think it's brave of you to be dieting now. I also think it is probably the right thing as it is another thing in your life that you can take control of and be successful and really once you get really into the swing of it you should find it easy. I'm sure you don't enjoy the hospital canteen food and so you will probably be able to resist if you can be organised with your water and sachets, are their facilities at the hospital that you can use or is that also a difficulty. Water intake is a real key as everyone will reinterate and I like to evenly space my packs through the day.

Will love to help in any way I can over the coming weeks!
Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to reply. I am going to stick to ss as i know the results come quickly. We are lucky in that Harry is home with us most of the time, but its horrible when we have to go in hosp. He is 3yrs old now, but still my baby. My twins are 12yrs and my eldest son in 16yrs. I will carry on posting as i think it will help me stay focussed
Dizzy my heart goes out to you. I can only talk to you from my thoughts- You wake and hold it together in work you have to- you hold it together in the wife job and it seems you are doing a wonderful job!!! You hold it together in your childrens lives all of them!!! You cannot hold it together totally no-one can be super woman and as close as you are holding it together for everyone - you the person who is there for everyone needs a release from all this pressure!!! You eat!!! I honestly honestly believe you need a little thing that you can- not fail but waver. You sound an amazing person and please please don't expect this to be another challenge for you to overcome that you will be great at immediately. the challenge you have at the moment is to change what you don't like and yes its nice to have it quickly but most importantly you must take it slowly- everyone on here knows we have a big problem and most of us put everything else in the priority list before us.. We need some time too.. I guess what i'm trying to say is you have done the hardest step by asking for help. Here is a place you can scream, shout and just be you!!! we will be there for you on the bad days as well as the good days and I for one look forward to seeing your posts.
i cant make any real suggestions as to the diet, as i dont think i could cope with what you are and doing ss, but i would like to send warm thoughts to you all at this really hard time, :)
I am so glad you decided to tell us how you were feeling. You are a wonderful mother to all of your children, a great wife and your husband sounds lovely and very successful in your important job. If you feel you can cope with CD at such a difficult time I admire you greatly. But just take it in small steps getting through a day at a time and perhaps you could use tetras and bars as they are so convenient.

Are you in the house during the evenings when you find it hard? If so try and keep your packs for then. I know some people half their packs so they are having 6 small ones instead. don't be too hard on yourself you are only human and you will get there.

Remember we are all here for you and there's always someone online.

Big ((((hugs)))) and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

Irene xx