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Help needed!


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i am poorly and i need some advice!! on thursday and friday i had a migrane - the first i have ever had - i slept most of yesterday ..... this morning i woke up and the hedache had gone!! woohoo! However, this morning i fainted twice, i i truly scared my DH!
I have spoken to the doctors and they have advised me to rest ..... they have also asked me to come in on Monday to discuss the lipotrim... but they also want me to eat today and tomorrow ....as they think that the lipotrim maybe the reason for the migrane and the fainting ... has anyone else been through this .... any advice on what to eat or whether they have been through this with Lipotrim???
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I will be skinny again!!!
I fainted through the week there, And I am refeeding..

I dont think it is down to Lipotrim.

But have a look in the refeed section, There are plenty of diaries in there to get some food ideas from :)

Good luck with the doctors on monday xx


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Sorry I haven't been through this but just wanted to send you get well wishes.

Take care


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thank you! i'll have a look at the refeed section x
hey no i havent had any experience with this ...yet!! but your doing the thing going straight to the docs! get well soon!! i know i do get a headache if im not drinking enough water! xx


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thank you, I am keeping up with the water drinking! my oh keeps trying to empt me with nice food but this is only because he doesn't understand that even though the doc said to eat this doesn't mean i can eat anything and everything! xx


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I have fainted on the diet in the past. I dont thinkits diet related but I did eat bikkys to bring me back, i wish I never tho haha you should follow your docs advice tho xx


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I have fainted on the diet in the past. I dont thinkits diet related but I did eat bikkys to bring me back, i wish I never tho haha you should follow your docs advice tho xx
Thank you! i am pleased (if that is the word) that it isn't just me! I have not had any carbs today and only small portions so hopefully will still be in ketosis tomorrow!
I hope the doc doesn't suggest i stop...... the one i spoke to on the phone wasn't very keen!


I will be skinny again!!!
I know what you mean.. Alot of docs see this as a crash diet I guess..

I would maybe email LT aswell? Incase they know if this is a side effect or not and what they recommend xx


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When I did LT the first time I got migraines for nearly the first 2 full weeks. It was awful and no medications would get rid of it. But I have never fainted. I do feel light headed and dizzy at times but have never actually fainted.

Just eat protein and salad and veg till you see the doc. That way you will stay in ketosis until you decide if you are continuing or not. Hope you are feeling better soon hun! Hang in there. Hugs!
good look in d docs!! xx


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Thank you, I have used my stix this morning and am still showing the same reading as before - so hopefully i will be ok til monday! Monday is also WI so i will be interested to see whether i lose anything ....
Good luck for monday with weigh-in and docs. Its good that ur still in ketosis and hopefully u can continue wiv LT xxx


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thank you - i'll let you know how i get on x

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