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help needed


needs motivating
hi all

well ive had a major blip on day 4, i just couldnt stomach my shakes or soup at all it was making me gag:cry:

i had to have a salad as i was going to work for the night and i have a very manual job :(

does anyone know if you can just have the bars 3 times a day or is that not allowed

im so depressed now:( i was feeling so good about myself untill this happened

if i cant have just the bars im going to have to bid farewell to my diet and my weightloss that im so desperate to achieve:(

i have the motivation and the will power but havent got the guts for this plan if it includes the milkshakes and soups:sigh:

can anyone clear this up for me please x x
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So sorry to tell you, you can only have 1 bar a day, have you tried the tetras, or the porrige, i wouldnt give up until you have tried them all, i must say i really wasnt fussed myself at first, but i have grown to like the tetras, in fact i love the chocolate one, thats all i have.
agree with Lin you will hopefully will like some of them.

I always have the choc and choc orange and choc mint and have them as a hot chocolate as I cant stomach them cold.
Unfortunately you can only have 1 bar a day as 3 will knock you out of ketosis and I found they set off all kinds of cravings and gave me jaw ache as they were so chewy!!!!
good luck xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Do you not like any of the shakes.. have you tried the tetras and the sachets......
You can only have 1 bar..... its a shame to give up especially if you were really happy and doing well. perhaps try out some different flavours.

I have a tetra for breakfast a bar at lunch and a mix a mousse for dinner.. x


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Please dont give up until youv tried all the flavours. I only have choc mint and have it as hot drink. Ocassionally il have banana or veg soup(once a wk maybe) Please give it another go. The shakes are not gonna be like Mcdonalds....think of them as a slimming magic potion. x
hi there, I also can not stomach the soup but have grown to like the shakes, have you tried making your most acceptable flavour into a moouse, with mix a moouse? thay way it at least feel sas if you are eating.

My friend also hated the shakes, so she only gets the chocolate one crushes a load of ice and adds two spoons of coffee with the water and puts it all in a blender and she has her iced choc coffee with a straw, it is quite nice! she has that all the time with one bar a day.

Hope you like coffee, you could give it a try!
I only have the chocolate shakes as hot drinks too, plus I mix them with twice the amount of water recommended and they are not so thick.... prefer them this way.


needs motivating
thanks for your replys everyone, i have had a reply from my cdc and she is going to call me tonight, she has sugested trying the poridge a bar and a soup, i might give that ago, i dont want to give up :( today i dont feel hungry but i feel sick at the thought of my shakes, i might go for a soup and see if i can get through that, what is a tetra ive never heard of that one ?

thanks again for your help


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hiya, tetra's are pre-mixed shakes, slightly thicker in consistency than if you were to mix them urself! I didnt like the soups and wasnt keen on the porridge and i'm not a big choc fan! lol! so i live on frozen banana (and the odd strawberry) tetra's!! They turn out like ice-cream if frozen for a few hrs! Banana ice-cream for breakfast & lunch is V yummy!! Definitely recommended xxx
Stawberry tetras and Cranberry bars all the way. Thats all I had for 4 weeks and to be honest I loved them! Try blending ice and coffe and the vanilla shake, with a little water and drink through a straw. Its like a Frappachino....I hope it works out for you honey. x
I only have the chocolate shakes as hot drinks too, plus I mix them with twice the amount of water recommended and they are not so thick.... prefer them this way.
I have to dillute them, they're so strong im not sure how people drink them neat, x


needs motivating
well i think im going to try the poridge, a mixture of flavours of the bars, and the chocolate mint shake thats the only one i can handle lol
thanks for your support peeps it helps to have that behind you all the way, do you think ive done any damage eating the salad ? and also can i expect the same weight loss when having a bar a day ?

thank you x x


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lisa if you are speaking to your cdc tonight check this out, my cdc said i can have 2/3 bars a day if i wanted, the only thing is they can caused contispation so you have to drink the extra water, I also make toffee and walnut shakes up into mousses using the mix a mousse, i put cinamon in them with Ice, fill with water just below the 150ml mark, make sure the ice has disoved give it a good whizz in the blender and put in the freezer, apparently i was told the cinamon can help with cravings, i know there are people who like the porrigde but i found it disgusting and was really disappointed with it, it might be worth trying it on a week when you dont feel so low. You can do it, we all have these weeks like you are having it is early days for you


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It might just be because you were on the cusp of going into ketosis. I remember when I did CD for the first time that I felt so, so ill on Day 4. I thought I was going to have to give in. Like you, I was gagging on the shakes. But then, on Day 5, I suddenly felt a whole lot better. So it might just be that.

My CDC tells me that when she did CD, she had vegetable soup for every meal :eek: I can't imagine how she did that, but it worked for her. So if you can find even one shake or soup that you like, there's no reason why you can't just have that one for every meal.

Your taste buds change as well, over time. There are flavours now that I quite like that I couldn't stand to start with! Week 1 is a real trial and error time...

If all else fails, then I have heard that some people have managed to successfully lose weight having more than one bar a day. Yes, it's not recommended - and I'm not recommending it (I wouldn't dare!) - but it seems to me that if it's a choice between having another bar or falling off the wagon, then having another bar has to be a better idea. It might make you more hungry because it's got more carbs in, but if you can fight through the hunger, it will at least get you through another CD day.

Hope you feel better soon. :hug99:


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hey, don't give hunny. i have the tretra drinks didnt like them to start off with but i love them now i have one for my breakfast and a bar for dinner then porridge for tea i used to hate porridge too! try the tretras

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