HELP!!!! Newbie ..... EE


I joined this website nearly a yr ago, thinkin i could do slimmin world on my own.... little did i know!!

I have now joined class and am following EE. Please could someone check out my food diary and make sure it's ok.... got the feeling im not eating enough!!

28g of Puffed wheat and milk from healthy extra A

1 baked potato with a small tin of baked beans.

Meatballs with 1/3rd jar of Ragu (3.5 syns) - made with lean minced beef.

Small bunch of grapes, 3 tomatoes, 1 onion. 2 x Fruit Salad sweets (1 syn)


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I am sure everyone will say the same - you need more superfree. 1/3rd of each meal should be made up of teh superfree foods (fruit & veg listed in the book - cannot remember the page).
I try to have veg and side salad with everything - and reduce the portion of the actual meal.
You balance you breakfast with snack fruit - but I would try to have 1/3rd salad/veg with your lunch/dinner.


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You don't appear to have had your HEB or enough Syns either (unless you're doing weekly Syns).


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Yeah, eat more!! Lots of veg + fruit! Make your own sauce instead of using jars to save syns and get those superfree foods in the dish :) And as alwyn said you need to have your B choice healthy extra + at least 5 syns a day :)
Hi, I had my HEB as my brekkie (puffed wheat) - hope this counts?!

I had 4 and half syns so gettin there!! Just so much food!!!!!!!

Also tend to now have 15g choccie buttons in eve 4 syns i hope!!

This diet is hard work!! lol

Thanks guys will take it on board i need more veg.




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Definately need more vegetables in there.


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did you have any carbohydrates with your meatballs? It is important to eat enough to satisfy your hunger so you are not tempted to pick so much in between