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help newbie how much fat per day

hi there im confused can understand the 100g per 5g fat rule but are you better off having the 15g per meal or lower the lower you have will you lose less weight can anyone give me some advice realistically what I am trying to say is the less fat you eat the less you lose due to the xenical not working or visa versa look forward to all your comments thank you
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Hi Elly, it's confusing isn't it? :confused:

Basically the Xenical works like this:
You take your tablet and eat your meal. The tablet then 'clings' onto a third of the fat in that meal (whether it's a low fat or a high fat meal) and gets rid of it in your stools. The other two-thirds of the fat is absorbed by your body in the normal way.

So, say you eat a meal with 9g of fat, 3g of that fat will go straight through your body (without any side effects, because it's such a small amount) and 6g will be absorbed by your body.

Say you ate a meal with 60g of fat, 20g would go straight through your body (and you would probaby get some nasty side effects, because that's a lot of fat to come out in one go :eek:) but 40g of fat would still be absorbed into your body, for you to burn off later (or not! :))

So using this example, it's best to stay with a lower fat meal, partly because you'll get the side effects if you don't, but partly because your body has still got to deal with the other two-thirds of that fat that the Xenical doesn't get rid of.

Does that make sense? Xenical is a helping hand really, but the more you can do for yourself (ie eating low fat/calorie meals and exercising) the better your weight loss will be.
thanks for your prompt reply understand it a bit more now so realistically if you stick to a low fat diet what about carbs as ive hardly had any carbs for the past 4 wks


Go on smile! =)
Xenical just manages fat. You want to have a healthy diet and good exercise to loose weight.


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Xenical just manages fat. You want to have a healthy diet and good exercise to loose weight
Why do I waffle so much lol :) You summed it up in one line :D

Elly, I wouldn't advise cutting out any particular food group, carbs included. If you like bread or potatoes or whatever, then just fit them into your diet plan.
I'm just about to tuck into a jacket potato with chilli...:)