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help!!! newbie

S: 12st13.5lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.13%)
how do you all stick to this diet?? im only on day 3 and im so frustrated. have u seen how much 28g of muesli is? it seems this diet is only good if you can cook from scratch every meal. and what is oat/scan bran? please help me. im my book there doesnt seem to be any help on any of the food i eat. for example tinned bolognase sauce so i chucked it and just had pasta with 28g cheese.:cry:

what am i doing wrong?
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There are plenty of ready made options which assist us all doing SW, but your life will be a lot easier doing this plan if you do cook from scratch.

Give it a go and you will realise that not only is it easier to eat substantially more than pre-cooked, it is also healthier, more nutritious and cheaper.

28g of museli is not much, but when coupled with syn free eggs, sausages, beans, bacon and mushrooms or unlimited fruit, pancakes and yoghurt, you will soon learn to love it.

Good luck

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try adding fruit to your breakfast, it bulks it out and makes it more interesting,


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It's definately better to cook from scratch whether you are on SW or not even on a diet but if you eat tinned ready made stuff then buy the directory from your group. Its got practically every item in a supermarket and the syn value or not. You can also but the branded free foods book as well both are excellent.


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TINNED bolognese sauce? What did that set you back? More than a 30p tin of passata or tinned chopped tomatoes with herbs i'm sure.

And yeah 28g of muesli isn't much, that's why you put it in a tub of vanilla muller light with a chopped up apple and a banana.

Or have you seen how much 28g of puffed wheat is? It almost fills a pint glass, and if you put Splenda on it, hey presto, Sugar Puffs!

read your book and enlighten yourself. Literally.

PS Scan/Oat bran is a crispbread available from your class. it's a bit tasteless, i'd go for Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread instead. it's on offer 2 packs for a pound in tesco at the minute. You can have 6 as a HEb.
S: 12st13.5lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.13%)
thanks to everyone who replied. gonna buy this directory book, i think that because im used to WW i find it quite difficult. also i have PMT so apologies to all as well

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where can you get puffed wheat from?
A good breakfast on a green day (if you don't like porridge like me) is cooked pudding rice mixed with a muller light with the matching fruit (to the yoghurt) is good hot or cold and keeps you full for hours!


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I was like you when I started last year. I didn't cook and couldn't really work out what to eat...but now I cook stuff (easy stuff) and we eat well.
Instead of muesli, why not have 2 weetabix (one HE b) or, have your muesli with some fruit as well.
As for pasta with cheese on - that one of my fave comfort foods lol

What do you like to eat, maybe we can helop you to prepare the SW versions?

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Hello! Can see that I'm going to love this board - have just started at SW and just reading through the threads and already picked up loads of handy hints and tips, thanks xx

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