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HELP - night shift and CD

hi everyone,

am on day 5 of ss'ing and have found it great, however i'm off to work tonight on night shift.

I've only had 1 soup today and intend to have another before i go to work and then keep a shake for in the middle of the night.

however i'm REALLY worried i'm going to feel hungry or want to eat!:confused:

anyone else on here a shift worker? - any advise would be much appreciated.
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I'm not a shift worker as such but I do work some 14 hour days. I find the best thing in the world to be the water. I constantly sip at it when I'm working and it helps to keep the munchies at bay. If you feel like snacking remember how far you've come already - I know for sure that I wouldn't want to have to start from scratch for the sake of a quick munch :D
thanks Yappy,

problem is I'm a midwife and am finding the more water i drink the more i need to wee (obviously!), however in my line of work i can't always just nip off to the loo in a crucial moment. and i'm really worried that if i don't drink enough then i'll feel hungry and when i get tired i'll want to comfort eat - hence restarting a vicious cycle!!!!!

i only got 1 porridge to try and i love it so am wishing i'd got more as that would be ideal comfort food in the middle of the night.

wish me luck xx


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I've been doing Lipotrim for 12 weeks and recently went over to CD.

I work both days and on an emergency duty team (soc work) and found the same problem as I'm regularly in places with no toilets/ or peoples houses when its not appropriate to ask for the loo.

As I started on LT that was all shakes so I would have one shake on the way to work (around 9.00pm) in the car. The second one around 05.00am (thats my "dark hour") then the last one once I got home.
Meanwhile whilst i'm out and about I've developed an eye for all night MacDonalds/ service stations which sell black coffee in take away cups !!!

I'm currently doing 2 waking nights and 3 days a week - days are the same but the night rota varies so at the moment I'm trying out the snack bars on CD but they don't seem to hold my hunger off the same way as the shakes.

One thing I was told by the LT chemist is that my weight loss will be slower as I don't have a regular sleep pattern/lifestyle. I don't know whether that is true or not as thats the way my life is

Good luck in the diet and how you manage it.
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thanks IMac and Treaco,

well, i survived the night shift but it was very hard - my tummy was growling and i felt very ill and lightheaded by 5am because as expected i didn't manage to drink enough water.

the jelly sounds like a good idea - thanks treaco i will give that a try.

i'm on nights tonight and tomorrow, then next week for a run of 6 nights!!!!! but then i'm on holiday for 10 days so am determined to stay focused and seeing your fantastic loses as shift workers is a big inspiration so thanks for posting and keeping me going.
I work 12 hour days and nights,only way I get through the nights- the 1st being the worst- is stepping up to ss+ for my 4 shifts,doesnt affect weight loss but sure helps with long shifts
thanks everyone for posting,

Just thought I'd update to say I survived another night shift and didn't feel nearly as bad. Just like fatblokeonabike said - the first was certainly the worst and although I still didn't manage to drink enough last night and it was so busy i only managed 2 packs - I didn't feel ill the way I had the night before.:)

- only problem with that is I came home this morning really constipated!!!! but have sorted that out with a dulcolax!!! (not sure you all really wanted to know that) :rolleyes::sign0137:

only tonight to work then off til next week so I'm really pleased I'm surviving.


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Well have a good night tonight - I'm glad you started this thread as i'd never thought of jelly.
This week I did an extra night and found I was so so hungry all the time. I really think I need to maintain my water levels but then you're back to square one with needing toilets all the while.
Have a good shift :)
thanks Imac,

that's the great thing about the site = so many idea's and inspiration on here i'm feeling so positive.

look how much you've lost so far Imac - amazing!! just goes to show we can do it even working these tought shifts.


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i work night shifts and i find that if i have half a shake extra on the 2 nights i work, that stops me from getting the munchies.

got to admit tho the porridge is divine i love it, and it has renewed my enthusiasm for CD!!!
yeh know what you mean littlemissspendthrift, i'd have loved a nice bowl of porridge when i got home this morning but havn't got any as its my first week and only got 1 to try.

- def getting more on tues when i go for my W.I. for my long run of nights next week.


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I would suggest you get a few extra sachets just in case you get the munchies and I personally am avoiding the bars as they kick me out of ketosis and make me want to eat !! ;)
Thank you for your comments - its really encouraging to hear as last week I had five days where I just couldn't stop nibbling which after 12 weeks I was really surprised hopefully I'm now back on track so will have a better weight loss this week !!
I've found the site amazingly supportive and its not necessarily limited to people in the same forum. I doubt I would have lasted without it
Keep it up and hopefully have a hunger free night
with love
Just a little thought, i'm a nurse too and always nipping in and out of the office so i've found tetras useful as i can have a bit and go back to them if i get called out, i find if i don't allow myself to get hungry by having too much of a gap it's helpful (what is not helpful is people bringing in takeaways!!! is sniffing curry cartons wrong????)hee hee x
yes - i had the take-away situation last night!!! :eek:. Chinese to be precise, and the smells were not helping - but because it was a fairly quiet night i also got to drink more and had left 2 shakes to have over the night so i wasn't feeling hungry.

so i'm glad to say i've survived my nights and am not back til next Thursday, however just had quite a wobbly moment as my 7 year old has broken her elbow this morning and we've been in A+E with her this morning and the stress (and lack of sleep, as i just finished work at 8.00) has made me really want to eat. :cry:

so it just goes to show how much i need to think about my relationship with food and learn to accept that whether it's night shift or anything else i need to stay strong - which i'm still determined to do.:)

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