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Help not looking forward to tomorrow (O/T)

Well not only is it weigh in day :rolleyes:

But i've an interview at work for a promotion. I'm an assistant Front Office Manager in a large 4* Hotel and Golf Complex - aswell as Guest Care Manager and my direct manager is leaving.

Two months ago i had a email from HR asking me to call them about my keep in contact days.

I thought this was strange as only been on Maternity leave since Feb and am not due back until Apr 2010.

Anyway they were begging me to apply for the job and said they are willing to wait until i return from Mat leave and will cover the job temporarily.

I was adamant when i left that i'd give myself the year as i wasn't sure i was going back at all.

DP is over the moon and is very proud of my reputation at work and how fast i've progressed there (i started in 2007 as a Shift Leader) - anyway i'm so out of Sync with work and haven't given that place a thought since i left for Maternity, i'm looving being a SAHM and spending all this time with my babies.

The wage is 2-6k more than i earn now but will be alot more work and allot more time away from the family and i'm concerned we will struggle with childcare, what with a 5 year old and a then 1 year old, especially as dp runs his own business, all sorts of hours and even working away for periods of 2-6 nights. :confused:

It feels great to be given this opportunity and i'd usually be very excited but i feel i am doing it to please everyone but me.

I've decided to go for the interview as to keep my options open should i need to return to work in April (as with the current climate) but i've been out of the place for 7 months and my brain has turned to mush, all nappies, bottles and nursery rhymes.

We have a new ops manager who i don't know and not sure i'm ready for a grilling as have put it to the back of my mind, whereas i know the HR Manager and our group front of house manager very well (she even enailed me to say she was ecstatic i'd agreed an interview!!)

Don't even know why i'm writing this, it's alll just babble. Suppose i'm just worried i won't appear as enthusiastic or know what to say - LMAO!

The whole team is new (apart from one girl) as when i left to have the baby they all did as couldn't cope with the manager, and the department is falling down around them - which is a huge reservation of mine as i put alot of effort into it and made a huge difference to the hotel (too long to detial on here but top Management are very happy indeed she has gone!)

Oh well 2pm tomorrow.........:sigh:;)

Apologies for typing, baby asleep on my lap ...awwwww
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If you re-read your post I think you have already sub-consciously decided you don't want to go back to work yet!!But then you are still happy in the land of being a sahm then work won't sound too promising to go back to!!
So looking at both sides you can - stay at home and enjoy your kids, if you have progressed that quickly in this job, you should be able to do the same again in the future....BUT - when you have been a sahm for a while and its as boring as work then you may wish that you hadn't kissed goodbye to your career.....

I was made redundant when pregnant with my first and we decided that seeing as it would cost as much in childcare if I returned to work, then I stayed home...7 years on and another year to go till my youngest starts school I'm going stir crazy!!! miss my career and am too far out of it now to go back without starting at the bottom again so will prob have to re-train or do something term time only to be home with the kids for the hols....

Its a tough call.....good luck!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Marie is right Huni. It really does sound as if you have made your mind up already.
I couldnt afford childcare straight away, but couldnt afford to be out of work either. As a result my Daughter lived with my In-Laws from Sunday until Wednesday in South Wales and then she went to a child minder for 2 days a week, until we were in a better financial position. Because of this, I cried constantly on a Sunday when I had to drop her off, knowing that I couldnt cuddle her again until Wednesday evening.
Of course things are now completely different, she is in a Day Nursery and lives with us full time, although still has the special bond with her Nanny and Grandad which is wonderful.
Sorry for waffling there, I just wanted you to know that you arent alone in making such a big decision to return to work! Lol
Anyway, I would suggest you go to the interview...if they are prepared to wait until your Maternity Leave is up, they obviously recognise the skills that you have. This will also give you more time to make the decision and to discuss further the options that you may have to stay away with your Partner.
Oh MrsV what a very brave and difficult thig you had to do!

Mfinns - i completely agree with what you are saying.

I will attend the interview and give it my best shot, dp and i have discussed what salary i will agree to for that level of work and hours (as it will be way past 6o hours some weeks!).

If it gets to next year and i don't feel ready to return or not have to go back at all (there are other things i'm looking into that i can fit around family, one of which is SW consultant and i have an interview beginning of Sept - something i've wanted to do for a while!! -although dp is very sceptical).

If i don't go i'll regret it in the long run i am sure.

Many thanks ladies for your advice xx
Thanks Donnie xx

Although it's now 1pm as they've just emailed ma and asked if i can make it earlier x

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