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help!! not urgent or owt few weeks away.


Just wondered if anyone else has noticed when you mention diets you get party invite's galore, My in-laws have invited us and the kids over at xmas this year,hubby want's to go but I really can't be bothered with them force feeding me cos i'm on this diet, I dont really get on with them anyway there the type that always feels the need to put me down, you know how it is my mothering skill's or how i've gained weight and am unhealthy. so I told hubby we will go but i'm not telling em i'm on lipotrim so any suggestions on what I do tell em??? To be honest they can say what they like but i'll end up in tears and then hubby will kick up a fuss and I really don't want that.
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HI hun. Em this is a very difficult one as you have decided not to tell them about lipotrim. You could say that you had already eaten at home as you are on a new healthy eating regime(staying away from the word diet haha) and you decided it best to eat at home. you are sorry if this is rude but this is very important to you. I would definitely warn them in advance (i always felt this was best so they wudnt cook up a fuss coz its harder not to eat wen they keep saying it)

Most importantly you need to mentally prepare YOURSELF this diet is about YOU but they ARE gonna make it hard for you from wat you have said.You should be well settled into the diet by christmas so saying no shudnt be as hard if you prepare yourself for 'why not just have some chicken or a salad' etc etc.

This will be hard especially since they seem like utter twats but if its really wat you want you CAN stick to it. Warn them that you wont be eating or drinking well in advance stay strong its only one day (even thou it might feel like longer).

Make sure your hubby does not support them he must be on your side goin in (in relation to not eating at all) as you will be more likely to succumb if you have him also picking on you.

Hope this helps! Sorry i cant say it will be easy but in my experience its always worse in your head but ive never met your inlaws. xxxx
Hi Kelly
It's a shame that your in-laws aren't very supportive. I'd just tell them what you're doing - it sounds like they might be critical whatever you do, and you will be feeling great and have lost quite a bit by Christmas so they will be able to see that it is working.
Good luck and stick to your guns - it doesn't matter what anyone thinks - you are doing this for you and your future healthy life!!!



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i would not tell them you are on a healthy heating plan, i would just say you have eaten at home or you don't feel too good to eat. good luck anyways
I think telling them is prob the best, its a few weeks till xmas so u will have lost a noticable amount of weight which will tell them its working, yeah u will prob have to explain it all but worth it! my mother in law (to be) knows im on it but as i have failed in everyother diet i have done she thinks i will also fail on this, hasnt said it but i no she does. Anyways that just makes me wanna do it even more just to prove her wrong! lol

Good luck with what ever u choose.

just wanted to say thank you for the replies anne-mariep and dunlop73. I think i might end up telling them i'm on LT, hubby says to tell them as he's with me 100%
I think this is the easiest thing to do i didnt want to say you should as i didnt want to force anything on you. The great thing is as Jon said they will see the difference the diet has made by christmas so hopefully they will be more supportive.

irish molly

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My first preference is to tell them, honesty being the best policy and all that.
If you feel you don't want to do that.then tell them you have a tummy upset 24hr bug and want to just stick to fizzy water.
Plenty of time to think about it, see how you feel nearer the time.
I'm sorry to hear that they're not supportive! Surely you'll look different by the time Christmas comes around, so it'll probably be a lot easier to tell them! & ultimately, it's got nothing to do with anyone else - this is important for you & I've found that even people who don't approve of the diet admire the commitment/determination.

Good luck :)


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